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    How to log all websites visited from people in the office?

    Hi everyone, I have a need to log all website visited by employees in the office. I don't need to know who's viewing what website, just which websites are visited. I am looking at DNS log from pi-hole but it doesn't show everything. I don't want to install anything on people computer, I need...
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    WTB: 5x 8tb NAS HD

    Good morning, My NAS has 5x 4tb drives that are in the 50,000 hr range and I expect them to give me SMART error in the next year or so. I want to start looking for replacement drives around 8tb (the more the better but I like 8tb to be the minimum). Is there anyone in the US that have 5 low...
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    WTB: Intel S3700 400gb

    Good morning. I am looking for 2-4 Intel S3700 400gb drives. If you have a few that you don't use, please let me know. I am looking at around $55/per. Thanks
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    Can I setup dramdrive as datastore in ESXi?

    As SDRAM has been much more reasonable, I want to use dramdrive for datastore in ESXI 5.5 to store test VM. Basically I want to be able to clone a test OS to dramdrive datastore, run some test program on it then wipe it. Is there a way to do that in ESXi? I prefer to do this directly from...
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    3.5" to 2.5" adapter $3

    Here are the 3.5 -> 2.5 adapters. They work with my supermicro 486 case. 9W8C4 Y004G 3.5" to 2.5" Adapter for Dell F238F R730 R720 SAS/SATA Tray Caddy 711765390779 | eBay
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    WTB $40 worth of bitcoin

    hi guys, I am looking to buy a tiny amount of bitcoin. Is there anyone here can help me out? I've been buying and selling some computer hardware here before. thanks
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    Is there a single CPU config that is better than a dual E5-2690v2

    Hi guys. As the topic said, I am looking for a single CPU configuration that is a decent upgrade for a dual E5-2690v2 setup in both single and multi thread tasks. What's your recommendation? Thanks
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    WTB: Intel NUC [BOUGHT]

    I am looking for a NUC to play around with. I don't have anything specific in mind but I prefer an i5 setup. Let me know if you have anything forsale in the US. Thanks
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    HPE ProLiant ML10 Gen9 E3-1225 v5 $50

    Must be a price mistake. HPE ProLiant ML10 Gen9 E3-1225 v5 4GB-R 1TB Non-hot Plug 4LFF SATA 300W Svr / S- | eBay
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    Mixing SAS and SATA drives on the same array under software RAID?

    Hi guys, The conventional wisdom stated that you shouldn't mix SATA and SAS drive on the same array with hardware RAID. With software raid, this should not be an issue (FreeNAS or linux mdadm). However people still advocate against it. Anyone here fix the 2 drives on the same software...
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    Grid k2 for $350

    Grid K2 for $350. Nvidia Grid K2 8GB GPU | eBay
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    FS S37xx 400gb SSD

    Hi Guys, I have 2 S3700 for sale. $215 each shipped from out side of Philadelphia. I believe they have 95% life left at least (If I remember correctly it's 98% or 99%). Thanks
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    FS HP 5130 Series JG932A switch 24G and 4SFP+

    Guys, I have a HP 5130 series JG932A switch still in original pink anti static bag (sealed) FS. $470 shipping included from King of Prussia (out side of Philadelphia) area. Thanks.
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    Intel Xeon E5-2670 SR0KX

    Good morning, I have a SR0KX Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.6GHz Eight Core forsale $85. The CPU works perfectly on one of my backup systems. I upgraded the system up with the same v2 CPU. Power saving was about 7 watts idle ($7/year). I was hoping to save some more power but am disappointing.
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    AIO ESXi 5.5 with FreeNAS slow read on 4x mirrored S3500?

    Hi Guys, I am testing out FreeNAS served back to ESXi via NFS in a AIO setup. My freeNAS (11) setup has a LSI 9300-8i card connecting to 4xS3500 600GB Intel SSD mirrored. Total usable space is 1.2gb when I served my NFS back to my ESXi and created a Win7 HDD with that data store. My...
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    What do you use as adapter for GPU PCIe-6 pin or 8 pin from Supermicro power supply?

    Guys, Supermicro power supply only has an extra molex connector. What do you use to power GPUs from such power supply? I only need to worry about 1 GPU with 6-pin PCIe power connector for now. But if there's a way to get more PCIe power connectors from supermicro power supply. I would like...
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    A place for X-25E 64gig in modern machine?

    For a very long time I relied on intel X-25E SLC drives to store my important data. Recently I've been slowly replacing them with S37xx drives. As a result, I have a bunch of 64gig X25-E drives. None of them has more than 1% wear with insignificant write for an SLC. Think about it, I don't...
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    WTB cheap DDR2

    hi guys, Do any of you have some cheap DDR2 desktop memory laying around? I need 2gb sticks to revive an old computer (dell slim studio 540s). It currently has 3gb so I hope to bring it up to a max 8. I'll be giving this computer away to a friend's daughter who will use it for very basic web...
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    neato for $50

    Maybe a stolen account but what the heck! Neato Botvac D80 Robotic Vacuum - Pet & Allergy! - New Model SALE - 110v-240v | eBay ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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    WTB E5-2670 SR0KX $90, anyone has one forsale?

    Hi guys, I would like to buy a single E5-2670 $90 shipped to Philadelphia area. Anyone has one for sale? Thanks