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    Record-sized data centre planned inside Arctic Circle

    This is where we can co-locate all of our mining gear, cold and cheap power..:) Freight for installation could be pricey though.. Record-sized data centre planned inside Arctic Circle - BBC News
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    HGST He 8TB HUH728080AL5200 (0F23268)

    Hello, noticing a few of these and similar Helium 8TB HGST drives on ebay at the US$275 range. late 2014 and newer.. Which is the model that there were problems with not so long ago, in the HGST / WD He range? Thanks.
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    HGST 100GB SAS SSD HUSSL4010BSS600 at 40usd

    Found these, took 4 @ at 36USD..looks like a good deal..fingers crossed HGST 100GB SAS SSD 7.2K 2.5'' HDD HUSSL4010BSS600 0B27395 829686002548 | eBay and linke to patricks review Hitachi HUSSL4010BSS600 100GB - Quick Benchmarks
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    SuperMicro-X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD @ 150....

    dont know the seller but appears good pricing if works etc.. SuperMicro X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD Motherboard Only
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    SuperMicro-PWS-501P-1R < 50 greenbacks

    Just picked up two of these with auto accept at 43USd @.. :) Am sure someone will get a better deal, 8 left.. Good Luck SuperMicro PWS-501P-1R 500W SwitcPower Supply Unit Hotsw
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    Time to increase the number of SFF drives from 24 to 32 or ?? in 2u chassis

    Patrick, with the number of Enterprise SSD now 7mm, do You foresee a move to increase SFF density from 24 to 32 or higher in a 2U, as the caddies are designed to accept 15mm drives, but drives a getting thinner ( wish I could ) Guess this may require a new standard, like the 15mm was the old...
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    Toshiba Enterprise SSD refurb 960,400 and 200 TB

    This deal is at newegg. The 400 and 960GB SSD are $0.19 / GB and 200GB is $0.25 / GB Refurbished, Toshiba, Enterprise SSDs, SSDs, Components - The 960 is "read intensive", the 200 and 400 are "value endurance" The 400GB is 75USD, very attractive.? Not sure how they hold there own...
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    Supermicro Xeon D / FCBGA 1667 Heatsink information

    Good Afternoon Folks, my X10SDV-4C-7TP4F arrived recently to be part of a reasonably quiet system. Been reading intently the other threads on heat and cooling issues / requirements for these SM board. To understand the processor / requirements a little more downloaded the the intel " Intel®...
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    New LSI Avagao 24 Port HBA

    New kid on the block, if you have the needs.. Appears difference is is that LSI used a single chip, instead of placing 2 @ 2008/ 2308 / 3008 as per previous boards.....wonder who will be the first to buy one??? LSI Avago SAS 9305-24I 05-25699-00 12Gb/s SAS / SATA Host Bus Adapter
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    This guy has several of these for sale, some sold, selling BPN or BPN with power distributor / cables etc Supermicro Backplane Expander BPN-SAS2-846EL1 with 6Gb/s SAS2 for 24 Hard Drives
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    New Build Question

    Hello, a question before final picking of components or used system purchase. Main driver is number of slots required and if or how much x8 slots degrade video performance compared to x16 slots. The below article seems to show that there is basically no difference. Has anyone from the forums...
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    SM 847A Chassis New

    A new SUPERMICRO CSE-847A-R1400LPB BAREBONES, 36 BAY in box 2 days to close of bid no bids, starting at 200.. SUPERMICRO CSE-847A-R1400LPB BAREBONES, 36 BAY SUPER CHASSIS
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    SM now have 20 @ LGA1151 E3 V5boards

    Some interesting boards among this lot.. Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products | Motherboards | Xeon Plus 2 Xeon 1528 boards listed on site as well.. Supermicro | Products | Motherboards | Xeon® Boards | X10SDV-6C+-TLN4F
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    If You need? want 8 SSD in one 5.25" slot....

    NEW ICY dock, 8 SSD in one 5 1/4" drive bay, Icy Dock ToughArmor Series Backplane Cage for 5.25" Bay | - Storage Reviews
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    ZOL on Hyper V?

    Good Morning, been tying to locate the article where ZOL/ napp-it was run on Hyper V or similar, believe it was by Patrick? Spent several hrs over the last week looking for it. WOnder if it was lost with the colo server issues last year? Appreciate any help / clarification or Link to it...
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    E5-2600 v1,v2,v3 article

    Patrick, Thank You for the article and the power graphs, have been looking for some details like this for a while, to make a decision. The V2 information was invaluable, real power savings over v1, and not much more power than V3. In addition the availability of motherboards and CPUS for V1/V2...
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    Xeon CPU in HP Microserver

    Looks like HP are going to do what many folks already tested and using// HP MICROSERVER E3-1220Lv24GB(1/2) N SATA(0/4) B120i DVDRW 1YR PARTS ( G0M45A )
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    HP SE1120 System Board - Integrated iLo Board - 583736-001 jumpers

    Good Morning, purchased one of these to replace a dead board in DL180 G6, Understand they can go in several different chassis, and have jumpers to setup, does anyone know the jumper settings that setup the boards character? They are on the left side of the board., currently is a 4 fan setup...
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    2.5" Toshiba 2 TB external Drive

    Hello, was looking to try some 2TB 2.5 inch external drives to use the drives inside.Purchased one of these and chucked the case, the drive has the USB 3 connection attached to the drive board instead of sata / power connection. Not possible to use in a system..Post is to save anyone else doing...