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    Sophos Home is outright DANGEROUS

    So I was attracted to Sophos Home. It offered free AV that got rave reviews as far as detection as well as central web management. What's not to love? If this program finds a false positive (like when I was going through my backups) it simply DELETES THE FILE with NO WAY TO RECOVER. There's no...
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    Can't get passthrough to work on esxi 6.0 with connectx-3

    I can't get my Mellanox ConnectX-3 cards to passthrough to esxi VMs on my Intel C2600CP. It's added to the list of Passthrough devices, and I've got it assigned to the VM, but it never successfully initializes. In both FreeBSD and UbuntuServer guest it complains about being unable to assign an...
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    Intel c2600cp change manufacturer

    I got a used Intel C2600CP motherboard and VMWare sees a manufacturer name and model number that I'd like to change. It seems to be set at the BIOS level, but there's nothing that I can see in the BIOS that would let me change this. Does anyone know how or if it can be done?
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    VMware bridge network loop problem?

    I have a two port Mellanox Connect X-3 in my vmware host, with one end connected to my 10gb switch. I've got my workstation connected to the other 10gb port. I was hoping to add another host at 10gb by making a sort of chain. I used the first port, connected to my main switch to put all of my...
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    Chelsio T420-SO-CR as a switch?

    Right now, my 10gb network is in a sort of a line. I have a workstation connected to a Mikrotik 2 port switch, and the other port is connected to my ESXI server. I'd like to add a 3rd server into the "line". I was considering putting a Chelsio T420-SO-CR into my esxi box, and then connecting...
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    Need 10gb sfp+ transceivers

    Can anyone recommend some 10gb sfp+ LC transceivers for use with MM fiber and Mellanox ConnectX2 nics? I already have the fiber and the NICS. I would prefer not to use Fiberstore as my orders with them have taken weeks to ship and they aren't exactly responsive to my queries. Anyone have an...
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    New to fiber, trying to build 10gb network

    I bought 2x of MELLANOX CONNECTX 2 10GbE ETHERNET NETWORK SERVER ADAPTER MNPA19-XTR Mellanox Connectx 2 10GbE Ethernet Network Server Adapter MNPA19 XTR | eBay My plan is to put one in my VMWare server and the other in my desktop. The issue is that these are separated by several rooms, so I'd...