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    Virtualization with proxmox on dual 3647 socket board - What would you recommend?

    I will actually recommend getting a M1 Mac mini for music production or video editing.
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    Starting small with Ceph storage

    As far as I know, the newest version of Ceph drop RDMA support, while in older version RDMA support is not in stable release, you will have to build the binary from source. I would say if you need low latency is your priority, Ceph isn't your first choice. Still, if you want to use Ceph, I...
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    Building a hyperconverged cluster with K8S support?

    From your description it seems like OpenStack is the closest one that fit to your need. If you don't need to spin up multiple Kubernetes cluster you can take a look at harverster (GitHub - rancher/harvester: Open source hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software) Although it by default uses...
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    Recommendation for a new server

    I will say if you currently have no issue with the current setup, the new configuration is a bit overkill. EYPC CPUs is OK, but I don't think you'll need a 7662, IMO a 7232P (8 core 16 thread )may be enough or you can go with a 7302P (16 core 32 thread). Single core performance has increased a...
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    Inside the Arista DCS-7060CX-32S 32x 100GbE Switch

    I also regret not buying more... Only snatch one at $1400 I have no idea why the price have gone up so much.
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    Anybody running SONIC on Edgecore AS7312-54X?

    After consulting with Edgecore people they said, for open source SONIC, only 5712, 6712 and 7712 can "possibly" work. And he also told me: DO NOT TRUST ANY EDGECORE DEVICE ON SONIC SUPPORTED LIST, MOST OF THEM IS NOT TESTED They are also complaining about it internally.
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    HP Brand Mellanox CX455 IB/Ethernet 100G Single Port QSFP28 and Switch compatibility

    If you checked the datasheet you can find out it's using a Cavium switching chip, so ofdpa will not work as it's for broadcom chips. For SONiC, it's listed in the supported list but I didn't see anyone getting it work yet. There are some issues in SONiC repo about compiling it for Cavium chips...
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    Seeking recommendation for core switch

    Hi, My friend at Edgecore said it’s better not to buy Edgecore switches on ebay unless you are sure that there’s a working OS with them For AS7312, you can probably make SONiC work on it as it’s using a tomahawk chip. However, it’s not tested and no one can guarantee it will work. I would...
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    Desperate search for Arista EOS firmware

    Current version: localhost>show version Arista DCS-7060CX-32S-R Hardware version: 12.00 Serial number: JPE16382200 System MAC address: 444c.a8ea.f9f1 Software image version: Architecture: i386 Internal build version: Internal build ID...
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    Desperate search for Arista EOS firmware

    Does anyone have the latest version for 7060CX-32S? Thanks!
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    EXPIRED Arista DCS-7060CX-32S 32P 100GbE $1500 OBO

    Does anyone have the latest firmware for this switch? I've just bought it from eBay and is looking for a firmware upgrade.
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    X10SRA + E5-1650v3 + ECC UDIMMs - POST code 67

    Have you found the root cause of this issue? I've also encounter this issue occasionally and haven't found a good solution yet.
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    Bloomberg Reports China Infiltrated the Supermicro Supply Chain We Investigate

    Supermicro refutes the claim in its website. Supermicro | News | Supermicro Refutes Claims in Bloomberg Article
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    BACK--> X10SDV-F-O --> $609

    Back to 640 :)
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    Availability of e5 1650 v4, current Supermicro X10SRA bios upgrade.

    I actually just build a workstation with E5-1650v4 with X10SRA. My CPU isn't in retail packaging though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Openstack 2016: Ubuntu or Mirantis?

    In my personal experience, Mirantis OpenStack(Fuel) is quite easy to setup and deploy due to it web interface. I went for it after trying other different methods such as puppet or RDO.
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    AMD Opteron A1100 – Now “Released”

    @gigatexal Docker still doesn't run natively on AArch64 architecture. It may be fun if I can make it work on them.
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    AMD Opteron A1100 – Now “Released”

    @Patrick @gigatexal I think I'll run some benchmark on it after getting linux kernel fixed. The kernel that Gigabyte provide is actually problematic, and haven't gotten my own cross-compiled kernel to work with my config, they just kernel panic every time I boot. However, I got the config that...
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    AMD Opteron A1100 – Now “Released”

    @Patrick I'm a undergraduate university student in Taiwan, I got those board from the computer science department of my school as they bought some for research usage but they rarely use it. So I took two of those for my own research.
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    AMD Opteron A1100 – Now “Released”

    Got some Gigabyte MP30-AR0 board to play around. Had a hard time with them as u-boot is not just as easy to use as UEFI BIOS. Also the kernel for arm64 boards are still a problem, can't get kvm and docker to work on those system. Wish that these AMD processor could have some better support then...