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    FYI, the U-NAS 800, 810, 810A, etc, series of NAS chassis are coming back into stock.

    I've discussed these chassis recently on this forum. I just wanted to let those interested know that I received a message from U-NAS saying that the 800, etc, models are coming back into stock (and some are in stock already).
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    UK 4x Supermicro X9 Twin-node 2U servers. Seeking help on pricing for sale as lot-of-4.

    Hello! I have a 4x LOT (I want to sell all at once) of Supermicro SuperServer 6027TR-DTRF 2U twin-node CTO servers. They have no CPU, storage, or RAM, but they do have heatsinks. They have been professionally refurbished, and I bought them for about 420 GBP (600 USD) each in 2018. I am...
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    UK TAKEN [FTAG: 42U Rack Cabinet, flat packed for collection [London, UK]]

    Hello all! I am starting a new job soon. Therefore I am vacating my studio workshop and ending a few projects I was working on until recently. I have a lot of industrial and enterprise server hardware to sell or give away FTAG (free to a good home). FTAG: Toten GS Cabinet, 42u, 1000 mm...
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    Quiet 1p E5-2600 v4 server + workstation, will this work?

    Hi all, I love the large number of slots on the X10SRi-F board and I plan to mount it in an ATX or E-ATX tower chassis and add dGPU, audio card (yes, I like these), and other cards. Considering that: the chassis is quite large, i.e., Sliger Cerberus X , has room for a large Noctua chassis...
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    Remote server management for HP Z2 series workstations

    Hi all, Re: Z2-series HP workstations, "mini", "SFF", and "tower", do any of these have capability for remote server management such as IPMI? ubk
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    UK [WTB] Seasonic SGX-650 PSU (SFX-L fully modular PSU)

    Hi all, I am having having trouble locating the following PSU: Seasonic FOCUS SGX-650 In some places, e.g., under the cables section, the P/N is "SSR-650SGX". Form factor is SFX-L. I can't find this model for sale anywhere in the UK. Does anybody have one for sale? A 500 W version might...
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    Other forums, books, and perspectives for learning HTPC, multimedia computing, and building a home theatre?

    Hello! Can folks please recommend other forums and books that I should be reading to keep up to date regarding HTPC's, building multimedia NAS'es and transcoders, display technology, and, basically, how I can build up my own home entertainment system? I've already looked and there sure are a...
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    Which SC846 for modding for quietness?

    Hi, I've decided to bite the bullet and try modding an SC846 with -SQ PSU's to be as quiet as possible. Which is the best model for this? Is it worth getting a SAS expander BP?
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    Trying to predict the unknowable: E5-2630 v4 (trusted QS) vs E5-2680 v4 (the current deal we're all going bananas about)

    During my big hardware clearout, I have realized that I have a LOT of hardware that will enable me to complete projects I started but never finished, such as the following workstation. Plus I will clear out hardware that will never get used. I now can finish this workstation plus NAS. I...
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    One of my ultimate workstations builds (future planning, you could almost call this a fantasy ;-)

    I've been wanting a real workstation for a long time, and now that I'm doing a massive hardware clearout, now might be the time. I'm presently planning, but this configuration is the only thing that actually gets me excited about having an (Intel) workstation. First requirement: It has to be...
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    EU UK-really :-( Price check: 4x 32 GB RDIMM ECC modules

    I am looking to max out an X10SDV board with compatible RDIMM RAM. What is a fair price to offer? Local sale preferred for obvious reasons
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    EU WTB: 2.5inch HDD Cage (4x Internal 2.5inch HDD) for SC732 chassis

    Hello, I am based in London, UK. I have a SuperChassis 732D4F-903B and I want to be able to mount 4x 2.5" SSD's using the MCP-220-73201-0N drive cage. This drive cage is referenced in the link in the previous sentence, under "Optional Parts List", with the following P/N and description...
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    Cult of the SC846? Modding for lower temperature and quiter operation.

    I'm intrigued by the activity of modding particular SC846 PSU's to turn them into quiet chassis that is suitable for building a quiet home server. Am I right that this is a thing, or have I been imagining something else? Here is an example chassis of the kind I mean: SuperChassis 846BE16-R920B...
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    Silent chassis for all-SSD NAS

    I'm exploring the option of building an all-SSD NAS for as my home NAS after considering how much storage space my family will really need for our home LAN. (Thanks for the suggestion @Rand__ .) I'm MASSIVELY downsizing my hardware inventory and keeping only hardware that is useful to me...
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    Best quiet NAS drive for quiet NAS operation in the living room

    Hello, I am speccing a NAS based on a 8x drives in a U-NAS 810* series chassis with ASRock Rack E3C236D2I and E3-1200 v6 CPU (probably 1240). I figure that a lightly loaded CPU with help to ease fan load. This will be a pure NAS, not a NAS loaded up with lots of services and Plex, etc, etc...
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    I have several Supermicro SuperServer 5017C-TF that I would like to consider using to build a simple cluster of 3-4 nodes. It's a long story!! I'd like to try to get this mini-homelab style project working and assess the feasibility quickly, otherwise I'm going to add these servers to the...
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    Quietest "NAS HDD's" for home NAS

    Hi all, I currently have a U-NAS 800 that I am working on provisioning for our home NAS, to go in to the living room. Controller is Supermicro A1SRi-2758F mini-ITX board. I am considering 8x WD Red SATA 8TB or higher. I already have four in storage but they make a clicky clicky noises that...
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    Looking for the correct (Intel branded) drive cage to match Supermicro AOC-SLG3-4E2P

    Hello all! There has been a LOT of discussion about this particular issue during the last year of so. The issue... The Supermicro AOC-SLG3-4E2P x8 PCI-e card, with quad port OCuLink and PLX switch, is a wonderful HBA in theory, enabling access to NVMe storage devices. Coincidentally the...
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    Alternatives to Supermicro for PSU's and power distribution circuits?

    Hello! Recently I've had trouble caused by Supermicro power distribution units (PDU's) and power supplies (PSU's). Very few are bad, but when they are bad they are truly terrible. Unfortunately I'm working through a problem with a PDU right now. It has taken a long time to isolate the cause...
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    Connecting quad-port Supermicro NVMe HBA to IcyDock mobile rack NVMe backplane?

    Hopefully... I'm holding thumbs and touching wood... my long-planned installation of these four U.2 SSD's into my workstation will work out in the end: 4x Intel P3605 1.6 TB NVMe U.2 2.5" SSD's I did a LOT of research, and I read a LOT of reviews, before settling on my planned configuration...