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  1. gigatexal

    FS: US- Beauty and the Beast $25K

    Holy friggin cow wow
  2. gigatexal

    Dell PowerVault MD1220 + PERC H810

    I wish I could answer these questions. Posting in hopes someone else sees this and answers.
  3. gigatexal

    Project: Tiny watercooled MATX server

    Subscribed for moar photos!
  4. gigatexal

    UK -- Intel Xeon Silver 4112 -- 142£ + Shipping

    motherboards for this socket are pretty cheap no?
  5. gigatexal

    EU [WTS] Seagate IronWolf 110 SSD 799 euro

    have you any reputation selling say HEATWARE or Ebay or something?
  6. gigatexal

    Kioxia FL6 SSD with 60 DWPD XL-FLASH Brings the SLC

    Yeah I was curious why performance numbers weren’t listed.
  7. gigatexal

    I am still here just lurking

    I've been working for almost a year now as a data engineer. It's the best job I have ever had. We do a ton of stuff on cloud. So I've not done much other than some random plex server stuff, some pi-hole things, and a pfsense box (thank you, thank you, thank you to the forum folks who responded...
  8. gigatexal

    Samsung DDR5 512GB Module Shown Previews the Future

    Estimate of cost? 5k per module? More? Less?
  9. gigatexal

    EU [SOLD][FS] Dell R510 with 24 TB of storage

    Very nice. Too loud for office use right? Would be best in a colo or garage/basement given those delta fans
  10. gigatexal

    Pfsense IPv6 help!

    Very well done blog post! Thank you! currently I’m “suffering” with degraded connection speeds with PYUR internet here in Berlin. :(
  11. gigatexal

    Pfsense IPv6 help!

    When I am on the call with the ISP to bridge my modem I'll ask about these IPv6 questions. Until you all replied I'd not have thought to ask them, so thanks!
  12. gigatexal

    Pfsense IPv6 help!

    interesting I will try that out -- a ton of reading I will have to do to get my head around ipv6
  13. gigatexal

    Pfsense IPv6 help!

    I wanted to start moving away from my crappy ISP cable-modem/router/firewall/wireless-AP and have been doing so for a while now. It has been determined that if I call up my ISP they can turn the modem into bridge mode thereby making it, for all-intents-and-purposes a dumb modem and my pfsense...
  14. gigatexal

    Virtualization of pfsense and others, pre check

    I managed to get this setup on a physical host so I'll close this thread for now. Thanks everyone for your help! edit: I guess closing is only for FS/FT threads
  15. gigatexal

    Virtualization of pfsense and others, pre check

    I’m an idiot. During the migration I destroyed the power connector of one of my drives for my ZfS mirror. Will try to import it degraded but I’m assuming the drive is lost. That means I think I’ll just go dedicated low power box for the firewall and play with a HA virtualized system later. It...
  16. gigatexal

    Virtualization of pfsense and others, pre check

    Also being in Germany means I am slowly rebuilding my parts surplus at roughly double the cost. Things out here are so expensive.
  17. gigatexal

    Virtualization of pfsense and others, pre check

    Amazing find. with the Linux bridge option and proxmox how do you ensure the host is protected via pfsense or do you? @Vesalius