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  1. MiniKnight

    Anything better bang for buck then Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM ?

    Ok but wow. You're using a V2 10 core and its like 30% faster than a 6C TMM? That's crazy
  2. MiniKnight

    Anything better bang for buck then Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM ?

    The passive on switch chip part is also because the switch chip being used is a lower power chip. It's like how you could get a Sandy Bridge chip for a server or a Denverton and get similar performance but at very low power
  3. MiniKnight

    Anything better bang for buck then Microtik CRS317-1G-16S+RM ?

    The fan on the MikroTik CRS317 is there to remove heat from the SFP+ cages, not for the switch chip. It isn't the best switch in the world, but it's low power and can be quiet. Under $800 and you can get two for redundancy. I'm...
  4. MiniKnight

    Patrick's 2021 Fiber Build-out

    Hello @WANg can you please refrain from telling @Patrick this is a bad idea until after we've seen it? I want to see the outcome. Why don't we just say "running a server review site is a perfect example of a niche case"
  5. MiniKnight

    45Drives Storage Unit

    Looks great with all of those drives to me.
  6. MiniKnight

    Patrick's 2021 Fiber Build-out

    This is a crazy build. @tinfoil3d FS has a high failure rate. Their marketing people do all kinds of fake reviews online. They're banned from reddit for that. I mean even their reviews on their website are fake. I mean, Patrick was polite but this is damning.
  7. MiniKnight

    Patrick's 2021 Fiber Build-out

    This is like the old Dell C6100 project
  8. MiniKnight

    45Drives Storage Unit

    Is it just me or does 45 drive's solution look like Cockpit?
  9. MiniKnight

    Ultimate Home Data Center

    Are we going to talk about this?
  10. MiniKnight

    Intel 900P 280GB U.2 drives $229

    I thought there was another deal for them for a sec
  11. MiniKnight

    Touring the PhoenixNAP Data Center

    I watched the video and thought it was fantastic. So I then thought the article would be something that just said "Yo watch the video" but it was good itself.
  12. MiniKnight

    Xeon 8259CL

    I'd guess microcode not in the firmware on your motherboard. That has been common for many generations. Sometimes smaller vendors have extra microcode.
  13. MiniKnight

    Intel Ice Lake Xeon Now In Production

    taking a stand. i like this.
  14. MiniKnight

    Falling from the Sky 2020 Self-Hosting Still Pays

    Great article. Brings me back to classic STH. @BoredSysadmin I think their cost for bandwidth in colo is already factored in so CDN doesn't help with cost but maybe performance.
  15. MiniKnight

    MAJOR EVENT - Please Read

    I'd look at it the other way, you've just successfully done a real-life DR exercise with downtime in the single digits and very little completely lost. You've come a long way.
  16. MiniKnight

    Amazon 55in LG OLED TV $1397

    I wonder how this would be as a big screen xbox gaming monitor or even hooking a TMM Dell box to it and using it as a family room monitor.
  17. MiniKnight

    6 port Intel i350 PCIe Card $46.99 and less for qty

    Mine arrived today. It has CRAZY blocks from the i350's to the top heatsink. The i350's you often see on motherboards without heatsinks so I don't think this really needs much airflow
  18. MiniKnight

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI with SAS $29

    Oh this is the 10G model not the 40G one. That sucks.
  19. MiniKnight

    Mellanox ConnectX-3 VPI with SAS $29

    This looks like a cool listing. The CX3 is not necessarily the best price at $29, but this one has a bracket and an internal to external SAS converter on the same bracket. That's a pretty neat way to combine slots. These internal to external SAS adapters can cost quite a bit so getting these...