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  1. BeTeP

    [EBAY] used MAM1Q00A-QSA $13 shipped

    Not as great as previous deals but the next best offer is $19
  2. BeTeP

    DS4243 $100 - Local pickup in Somerset NJ
  3. BeTeP

    Supermicro AOC-STGN-I1S $18 shipped

    To my surprise many people considered $40 shipped to be a good price for a dual port Intel 82599 based card. How about just one port for less than half the price then? Supermicro AOC-STGN-I1S Single-port Intel 82599EN 10GbE 10GBase-X Ethernet Card 672042137480 | eBay
  4. BeTeP

    [Amazon Prime] CableCreation 2.5ft U.2 Cable SFF-8643 to SFF-8639 $10 shipped

    Only 6 units left There is a catch though. The product has a design defect - the power connector is of the wrong gender. Buy only if you do not mind crimping your own power connector.
  5. BeTeP

    lot of 16 Sandy Bridge EP Xeons for $200 shipped

    I was looking for some cheap processors to replace (already sold separately) E5-2697v2 in a couple of LGA2011 systems I am currently selling when I found this lot (Lot of 16) Intel XEON E5-2660 2643 2640 CPUs SR0KK SR0KR SR0L7 | eBay. I would have bought it myself but I do not need 16...
  6. BeTeP

    [EBAY] Xyratex HB-1235 $60 pick up only in Tampa, FL

    7 units in stock new seller
  7. BeTeP

    68 EMC KTN-STL3 enclosures (pickup in Albany, NY)

    EMC2 KTN STL3 EMPTY RACKS | eBay starting bid $10, ends in 6 days. The lot is listed as "For parts or not working". My understanding is that it just means "no returns" but the enclosures are functional. The pictures are low quality but it looks like power supplies, midplanes and line cards are...
  8. BeTeP

    Cheap 40GbE at home - too good to be true?

    This is not a humble brag post - I am genuinely curious if I am missing something. It's been a few weeks since I upgraded my home network to 40Gbps. So far it has been running smoothly and the upgrade process was pretty painless and significantly less expensive comparing to the 1Gbps to 10Gbps...
  9. BeTeP

    NetApp 4486 for ~$280 shipped

    I was browsing ebay looking to pick up another cheap DS4243 disk shelf for an upcoming project when I stumbled upon this abomination Netapp DS4486 Shelf (diskless, trays included), 2x IOM6, Rails | eBay Honestly I did not know it existed. Probably because it was usually priced out of my...
  10. BeTeP

    Mellanox QSFP to SFP+ Adapter $10

    Just after I bought a dozen of those adapters at $19 ea couple of weeks ago I see this listing Genuine HP Mellanox QSFP to SFP Adapter 655874-B21 655902-001 886111656585 | eBay It's used but personally I would not mind as long as it works.
  11. BeTeP

    Another ConnectX-3 cross-flashing question

    I did not have much experience with high speed networks beyond 10Gbps Ethernet and I was under the impression that any ConnectX-3 with QSFP ports was at least 40GbE capable. But after I finally got myself a 40/56GbE switch (Mellanox SX6012) I quickly found that it was not the case. A few of my...
  12. BeTeP

    Solarflare SFN8522 $20 shipped

    @Markess brought my attention to this ebay seller who had a few "Solarflare SF-109042" cards listed at $25 shipped. By the time I saw that auction - it had been sold out. But then I checked the seller's other auctions and I found this Solarflare SF-109041 lot and I ordered 1 card to check it...
  13. BeTeP

    pfSense on Dell Edge Gateway 5000

    A family member upgraded their Comcast service to 1Gbps and needed a new router. So I just added another ethernet adapter to an older PC and installed pfSense to get him running. And now I am looking for a smaller less powerful (but still capable of routing 1Gbps) and hopefully passively cooled...
  14. BeTeP

    Brand preferences for UPS batteries

    I have a couple of APC SUA2200RM2U UPSs which are due for battery replacement. It has been a few years since I shopped for batteries. I used to like Japanese brands. But many of the brands changed ownership, moved factories to China or just disappeared. So I did a quick Ebay search and there...
  15. BeTeP

    PMC PM8001 based HBA

    I needed another inexpensive low profile HBA with 2 external SFF-8088 ports so I went and and picked up the cheapest one I could find for like $15 shipped. Based on the price alone I totally expected it to be just another LSI SAS2008 clone. But it happened to be Oracle branded and based on PMC...
  16. BeTeP

    Xyratex SBB enclosures and compatible controllers

    If some of you did not know, Xyratex Technology Limited was a UK based storage solutions company founded by former IBM Data Storage Systems division managers who bought out IBM's HDD factory in Havant (Hampshire, UK) when IBM decided to quit that line of business. The managers paid pennies on...
  17. BeTeP

    Solarflare 5122 vs 6122

    I have been mostly using Mellanox ConnectX2 for my low budget projects. I do not have anything bad to say about those cards other than they tend to run a bit hotter than I would prefer. So for the next project I am willing to try another brand. Solarflare seems to get fair amount of praise...