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    Fusion-io ioDrive II - 1.2TB+ drives , 0.09 or 0.08/GB

    I was looking to buy some 1TB SSD drive, but found these our old favor ioDrive SSD cheap. BO accepted for $115 each ioDrive II 1.2TB shipped , today's 10% ebay buck , it comes out to $103.5 or $0.08 per GB Fusion-IO Drive2 1.2TB Internal SSD Flash PCIe F00-001-1T20-CS-0001 - LONG BRACK...
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    Intel P3500 2TB NVME $290 BO

    Intel SSD DC P3500 SSDPE2MX020T4 2TB NVME U.2 2.5" SSD PCIe 3.0 | eBay Seller accepted 2 @ $275 each , I tried 2 @$250 each, got rejected. I received Ebay 10% ebay buck offer today. Check your ebay homepage for the offer. Math: $550 freeship - $55 ebay buck = $247.5 each , $0.12 per GB...
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    SUPERMICRO CSE-721TQ-250B $80 at Newegg

    SUPERMICRO CSE-721TQ-250B Black Mini-Tower Server Case 250W Flex ATX Multi-output Bronze Power Supply - No rebate , 3 more hours sale. Sorry, posting this deal last minute.
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    RX 470/480/570/580 performance

    Keeping RX cards information in its own thread. This is not related to Vega card performance. I leave this info here for future reference. These RX 470 could be vega card substitute. if the price is right. Here is a ASUS RX 470 4gb card , using Polaris Editor 1.6.x one click timing patch...
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    Rosewill BM-600 Computer Mining Case Support 6 GPU $99.99

    I watched couple of Youtube videos review of the BM-600 , it is a interesting home GPU mining use. Rosewill have a sale "SAVE $25 WHEN YOU SPEND $200 OR MORE" , I had to add a power extension bar to go over $200. I ordered 2 cases , Here is the math 2 x $100 case = $200 - $25 = $175 + 9% CA...
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    Cheap RX 460/550/560 fun

    Few months ago, I picked up a Gigabyte RX460 2GB off Ebay for $75, it was almost like new card, no dust in the fan. I read in Reddit that you could get around 440H/s XMR if you tweak the RX 460 card. Today, I setup a new LGA11450 Celeron Window 10 machine. bios mod the Gigabyte RX460 card...
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    Aeon Pricing and What to do with Aeon Thread

    I started mining with STH pool since Oct-20. What to do with Aeon coins?
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    Vega 64 performance

    My first Vega 64 or any Vega cards, I don't mine with Windows, so lots to learn. I want to keep a note of my journey to tweak and mine XMR with Vega 64 or 56. Open up the box from Newegg, install the new Vega 64 card in a fresh install Window host ( MSI Z87 gaming board with G1850 CPU , 4GB...
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    Newegg @Ebay PowerColor Radeon RX VEGA 64 $465

    PowerColor Radeon RX VEGA 64 DirectX 12 AXRX VEGA 64 8GBHBM2-3DH 8GB 2048-Bit HB | eBay I am in CA, Newegg charge me sales tax about 8%. I have a 8% Ebay coupon. Net price is $465. I plan to use it for XMR mining for the first 6-8 months to pay for itself. Even in CA with $0.28 KWH price...
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    rc.local for quick miner re-configuration

    Using rc.local, and miner.txt to control what software and crypto to mine # /etc/rc.local filename=/home/fun/bin/miner.txt logfile=/home/fun/bin/logs/minertype.txt if egrep -v '(^#|^\s*$)' $filename | grep -i -q aeonxmrig ; then echo "Mine Aeon using baremetal Xmrig with"...
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    E5 v3 CPU systemboard BIOS mod to increase hashrate

    E5 v3 CPU have a "feature" to allow max turbo with all cores. See What controls Turbo Core in Xeons? For the past month, I had successfully flash my Asrock , GigaByte , MSI board bios to "all cores max turbo" There is a nice person at that would mod the bios with "all core...
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    My ASUS 4nodes dedicated Monero miner

    @frogtech Let's continue discussion in this new thread. The main worker is a ASUS 4 nodes 2u chassis, each nodes have 2 x E5-2650 v3 , 2 x 4gb ram , 16gb SSD. the ASUS node produced 876 H/s , each chassis is 876 x 4 = 3,504 H/s , consume 576 watt . I have 2 ASUS chassises, each ASUS chassis...
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    Mellanox MSX6015 SX6015 $245 BO

    Mellanox MSX6015 SX6015 15-port dual power supply QSFP switch tested 100%! | eBay One switch left , I got two switch myself. This is the case buy first before think. The price is "too goo to be true", Seller has 5153 Ebay Feedback. Protected by Ebay and Seller. Anything that I am missing.
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    Sandisk 800GB Cloudspeed Ultra Sata Gen II $155 BO

    Sandisk 800GB SSD 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive Cloudspeed Ultra Sata Gen II 2 | eBay I started BO $145 , seller accepted $150. Paid and should arrive in 2 days. No tax in CA.
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    Intel 400GB S3700 SSD $179.10

    INTEL 400GB 2.5" SOLID STATE SATA HARD DRIVE 6Gb/s SSD DC S3700 SSDSC2BA400G3 Please buy it, so I don't. 4x Ebay buck today (for me)
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    Intel SSDSS2DE400G3 2.5" 400GB SAS MLC $119 @Newegg

    Refurbished: Intel SSDSS2DE400G3 2.5" 400GB SAS MLC Intel Solid State Drive - I am unable to find any details about this Intel SAS SSD. Newegg pictures only shown white box and label, no actual Intel model number. Appreciate any info.
  17. M Seagate 6TB Desktop Hard Drive $169

    Received a email promotion from Purchased 4 x ST6000DM001 = Total $679.96 with Free shipping , not tax in Calif Seagate 6TB Desktop Hard Drive – Internal Hard Drive, SATA 6Gb/sec, 7200 rpm Speed, 128MB Buffer Size, 600 MBps Data Transfer Rate, RoHS Compliant - ST6000DM001 at...
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    SanDisk Lightning LB 406S SSD SAS $220

    SanDisk Lightning LB 406S LB406S 400GB SSD SAS 2.5'' Server Hard Drive 2013 SanDisk Lightning lb 406s LB406S 400GB SSD SAS 2 5'' Server Hard Drive 2013 | eBay Interesting feature: SAS , SLC From Storage Review SanDisk Lightning Enterprise SSD Review (LB 406S) | -...
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    Is Intel 320 300gb SSD still worth $69 today?

    There is a ebay listing with 9 x Intel 320 300gb SSD with BO for $69, I talked to the seller, If I buy all 9, he would give me free shipping because he said it is priced really low already. Today, I am Ebay VIP with 5X Ebay bucks, the math is $69 - 10% = $62.1 each 300gb = 20.7cent per gb. I...
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    ThinkServer RD640 70AY0006UX $453

    Just purchased one from Amazon. $453 free shipping , no tax to CA I do not know what to do with the server yet. According to Lenovo product spec, Model 70AY0006UX included 1xE5-2620 v2 6C/2.1GHz/ 15MB/1600MHz...