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    WTB: multiple 2.5" 5TB drives

    Have quite few seagate 4TB 2.5" drives purchased and not used, in Brisbane. Peter
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    AU Quanta M4600H Ultra-Dense 4U Disk Expansion Unit 60 Bay 2x 6GBPS 60 Trays

    This is an amazing price and only 50 bucks for shipping to Brisbane.. Interesting to hear the noise, but could replace several several machines...:)
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    Long shot: buying Asko parts from Australia/NZ

    Had a quick look for that PN where I buy appliance spares here in Australia, that PN is not listed. is 770 the model number? the model number is generally longer than that. If You send the model number I will look at the spares for it. Also not all products are sold in all countries.. let me know.
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    Good source for quiet replacement fans for enterprise network switches?

    Try this guy ExtraCooling Quiet Network Fans | eBay Stores
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    WTB: X399M Taichi

    The price at amazon is 299USD , you think will goto 199 USD in the near future..? They are 299 ay NEWEGG as well ASRock X399M TAICHI sTR4 AMD X399 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard -
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    workstation for huge graphics files

    Sounds very interesting work, not sure You need the fastest hardware on earth for this. Have You worked out how much of the storage is general storage , and how much fast staorage do you require for the system to work effectively to store the required number of upcoming jobs and jobs currently...
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    Joining the ranks of Hackintosh works !!

    Klee, look forward to hearing about the experience and the results..
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    E5 2678 v3

    Why not goto the Intel site it has the information you are looking for, very clearly labelled.
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    WTB ASUS TS700 HDD cage/backplate PN on this page, have usually purchased these from the local asus dealer.
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    [Build Log] Silent Minimalist - SMA8(a) WC'd Threadripper Build

    Modern Art , expect this to be on view at MOMA..
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    FS: SSDs and 4TB HDD Drive Sale

    Photo of the information side of the ST4000NM0023 please.
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    Gigatexal's Huge moving to Germany sale (Lot of DDR3 nonECC for 307.50 OBO!, GPUs, MOBOs, more)

    Gigatexal, I have moved six countries over 20 years, and never paid duty or tax upon arrival, the sea container of goods was always moved by professionals and turned up a month or so after we arrived... If some outfit is expecting you to move country, only with your suitcases, then that is a...
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    STH Monero Cryptonight and Aeon Docker Mining Images Updated

    Patrick, Thank YOU for Your effort and perseverance in supporting this. P
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    Keyless door locks

    Copy the front door key and take that with you..
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    DeepLearning11 PCIe switch chips

    Have a gander at the SERVER manual, which contain the motherboard and the PCIe Extension board., shows how it all works together.;) Always worth reading the manual, my experience is the SM server manuals, have the extra information that is required, as compared to the isolated component parts...
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    Get Ready for More NAND SSD Price Increases Due to Samsung

    Recently went to buy some DDR4 Ram, was a shock... May have to sell some 16GB for some smaller denominations.!!