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  1. maxermaxer

    Pfsense under ESXI slow WAN speed

    Problem/issue I have: the WAN speed under Pfsense on EXSI is too low. My WAN speed should be nearly 1000Mbps. Without the Pfsense router I am getting somewhere between 960-980Mbps. I have been using Pfsense as my home network router and firewall for a long time. I haven't really looked deeper...
  2. maxermaxer

    Is this setup for Pfsense as a router for 1000Mbps WAN?

    I happened to have a chance to buy this fanless router but I am not sure how good it is to use it for Pfsense for a 1000Mbps WAN internet. Can someone shed some light? Thank you! Gargoyle x86 3215U - Intel Celeron 3215U - ADATA AM1L16BC2P1-B1FS 2GB DDR3L-1600MHz SO-DIMM - BIWIN M6225 8GB SSD -...
  3. maxermaxer

    ASUS HYPER M.2 X16 GEN 4 CARD on Supermicro H11Dsi MB

    Hello! Has anyone successfully installed Windows on a NVME M.2 drive through the M.2 X16 Gen 4 card? Thanks!
  4. maxermaxer

    SM H11Dsi No Heartbeat light

    If the heartbeat light doesn't turn on after switching the Power On button on the PSU what could be the reason. It was strange that after I changed GPU today the IPMI heartbeat light doesn't turn on at all.
  5. maxermaxer

    FS: AMD Threadripper Pro 3945WX - Used

    I have bought this CPU from a eBay seller who claimed this CPU has been tested on Supermicro m12swa-tf motherboard. However it doesn''t after I tested. If it is not defective then most likely it is vendor locked (anyone can confirm?). The CPU itself is warm but it is just not booting. I am...
  6. maxermaxer

    Threadripper Pro 3945WX locked to Lenovo WS?

    I purchased a Threadripper Pro 3945WX from eBay. Seller says it is "Pulled from defective P620. CPU tested on M12SWA-TF motherboard." When I saw that I assumed that the CPU is not locked and should work on ASUS Pro WS WRX8 motherboard. However when I tried to boot it for the 1st time today it...
  7. maxermaxer

    Bluewhale - Watercooled 7X 1080Ti and Dual XEON rendering server

    Build’s Name: Bluewhale Operating System/ Storage Platform: Windows 10 Pro CPU: E5-2696 v3 (Dual CPU) Motherboard: Asus Z10PE D8 WS Chassis: Caselabs THW-10 Drives: Intel SSD RAM: 128G 2133Mhz DDR3 ECC Add-in Cards: 7X GTX 1080Ti Foundation Edition Power Supply: Corsair AX 1600i X 2 Other Bits...
  8. maxermaxer

    Is EPYC 7742 ES 2S1404 a good choice?

    I have seen some EPYC 7742 CPUs with such model. Under the AMD logo on the CPU there is a text string: 2S1404E2VJUG5, the second line is BB then the third line is ES. Seller's note says it is 64 cores 128 threads. After OC it can go up to 3Ghz. It can run stably at 2.4Ghz. In HWINFO OPN field...
  9. maxermaxer

    Asus Pro WS X570-Ace BIOS "flashback"?

    I am about to receive the ASUS Pro WS X570 motherboard and I want to run it with Ryzen R9 5900x. I know the bios of the board needs to be updated in case the latest version of BIOS is not installed. I read from some threads of STH that this board doesn't have the BIOS flashback (flashing BIOS...
  10. maxermaxer

    E5 2696 v4 vs 6140 Gold

    I see a potential good deal of 6140 gold but wondering if it is worthwhile to upgrade my dual 2696 v4 system. Main usage is CPU based rendering. I checked the comparison between these two models and found it is very minor difference. Anyone has experience with Gold 6140 to share?
  11. maxermaxer

    SM X10DRI-T not powering on

    I have this X10DRI-T system and yesterday I was trying to install three chassis fans. Not sure when but it didn’t power on anymore. The CPU fans start spinning once I plug the powercord on but no power to motherboard. The IPMI is working well and the BMC light looks fine. Is this a typical...
  12. maxermaxer

    FS: Onda 8-GPU mining set

    I have decided to trade cryptocurrencies instead of mining them. Not because of the dropping of the price that I want to stop mining but the hidden time-cost and a lot of background work and care make me think I'd better just trade them. I have two Onda 8-GPU mining rigs and run 8X GTX1080Ti on...
  13. maxermaxer

    [SOLD] FS: X9DRX+-F 11XPCIe Slots & 2X E5-2628 LV2

    SOLD Selling this combo for US$ 400 (dropped from 500) shipped or Best Offer. Free shipping from Hong Kong. Serverboard: Supermicro X9DRX+-F (X1) CPU: E5-2628L V2 (X2) Paypal accepted Use them for around 9 months. The VGA port of the serverboard was ripped off from the board but the board is...
  14. maxermaxer

    Does anyone has experience with

    Hello! I am wondering if you can share your experience with me if you have shopped with I am planning to buy some Supermicro chassis from them. Do you find the merchant generally good? Thanks!
  15. maxermaxer

    Supermicro SC216 Chassis

    Looking for help here. I own a SC216 chassis and the PDB is pdb pt216 8824 which is quite expensive on eBay (USD 50 or so). Does anyone know what other PDB with cheaper price I can use to work in this chassis and also the PSU which is Supermicro PWS 1K21P 1R? Many thanks in advance! I am also...
  16. maxermaxer

    WTB: Supermicro PDB-PT216-8824

    I just bought a 2nd hand chassis and found that the PDB is bad. Anyone has this PDB to sell? Thanks!
  17. maxermaxer

    Supermicro chassis’s alternatives

    I would like to find chassis to house my Supermicro serverboards I have three: 1) X10Dri-t 2) X10DRG-Q 3) X9DRX+-f I own these serverboards and used them for home servers and workstation. Now I want to repurpose them and put them all in 2U chassis if possible. I am new to server chassis and...
  18. maxermaxer

    Mymonero sending takes forever

    Hi! Does anyone experience this recently when sending xmr to another address. I tried to send a few XMR from Mymonero to my exchange address but it seems the "Generating transaction" takes forever.
  19. maxermaxer

    Antminer D3

    What do you feel about using Antminer to mine Dashcoin? It looks attractive but the difficulty may rise soon. Is it worth the investment? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. maxermaxer

    Ubuntu Nvidia Driver issue with Supermicro motherboard

    I want to use my 1070/1080ti in Ubuntu with Nvidia driver on Supermicro motherboard. Installation is no problem however when I want to login Ubuntu after installation I am stuck with the login screen. It is just keep jumping back to the login screen (the login loop issue). The only way to get it...