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  1. Blinky 42

    Anyone seen Supermicro 6019P-ACR12L ? 12x 3.5" + 4x NVMe 1U

    I stumbled across this system today wile looking for some storage servers for work: Supermicro | Products | SuperServers | 1U | 6019P-ACR12L Has anyone seen them in real life? It appears to have a built-in drawer that slides out for the 12x 3.5" drives. I am wondering how robust this setup is...
  2. Blinky 42

    FS: Ceton infiniTV4 Cards

    I have (at least) 4 Ceton infiniTV 4 PCIe cards available for sale. They are a bit outside the norm of what is seen here but if you have attempted cable into your HTPC over the years you may have seen these as an options. Windows and Linux drivers exist - InfiniTV 4 PCIe - Ceton $60/each...
  3. Blinky 42

    HUSSL4040BSS600-400GB SLC SSD for $189.99

    As @Patrick suggested Hitachi HUSSL4040BSS600 400GB SSD SAS 15000 RPM 15K Hard Drive Solid State $189.99 for the 400G Hitachi SAS SLC SSD version of the 100/200G Hitachi's discussed elsewhere Only 4 left right now, 8 watching. I think they tossed the 15k in the title because it is on the...