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    ASRock Rack X570D4I-2T AMD Ryzen Server in mITX

    I have always assumed these kind of niche boards are ODM/built to spec and get into the channel just as byproduct or by lack of exclusivity agreement. The trade offs dont make sense to me otherwise.
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    NVMe boot with X9DAi

    Finally got around to doing this... 4.5years later. It worked using the win-raid guide. Should let my dual 2695v2 live on a few more years.
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    ASRock Rack X570D4U

    ASRock Rack > X570D4U-2L2T Looks like they fixed the CPU/Memory spacing from the X470D4U. And it has an HDMI on the back for APU usage.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 16 Core Launch and New Threadripper Details

    There was the 1900x. (Not disagreeing with you, seems like a niche of a niche product.)
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    ASRock Rack EPC621D4I-2M Motherboard Review

    Interesting board. A compute node, with limited memory requirements, and single pcie 16x nic? I'd love to see how these are getting used.
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    Looking for a quiet workstation

    The Dell Precision I have experience with make very little noise on normal operation. They do ramp up when loaded, but nowhere near rack server levels. I have a 5820 [only 2x 16x electrical, but all 16x physical] and two dual CPU T5610s sitting a couple feet from me. If I have an all core load...
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    WTB: LGA 1150 CPU

    Looking for an inexpensive LGA 1150 CPU to test a Z97 board I have. Anyone have one collecting dust before I go on ebay?
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    is there such a thing as a SFF-8087 (controller/host) to 4x SATA *male* connectors?

    Necro, but did this work? SAS card with SFF-8087 to SATA cables?
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    LG 27inch Freesync IPS 4K monitor $419 from Newegg

    To continue the OT: I tried using a 43in 4k panel as a monitor. I found I could only use 1/2 of it at a time for productive work, which lead to me using 2x 24in monitors stacked which I liked a lot more.
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    IBM branded STec (s840?) eMLC 400GB SAS SSDs $40/ea shipped

    It also looks like a dual port 1.8 connector... So maybe the interposer is converting sata to dual port sas?
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    GA-7PESH2 GIGABYTE, needs repair for $90

    The one in the picture has bent pins and a bent VGA. So probably do need a lot of rework. This is not who I bought one of these boards through in Jan 2019, but IIRC there were multiple sellers about that time.
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    Intel Scalable single socket board with 12 dimms ?

    Aquantia® AQC107 10G? I guess at least it has 10GbE. Odd that it isnt Intel though.
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    Gigabyte C621-WD12

    The EVGA SR-1 seemed to have started this board segment. Asus has made a similar layout of board for the last few generations of E5 V1-2 & V3-4. I cannot think this is high enough volume to need multiple sources. It is kind of interesting to see only 1GbE.
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    Gigabyte C621-WD12

    Gamers Nexus showed an early EVGA (SR-3?) board that looks more like a workstation board. Front to back layout. Single PSU. Still 1DPC. Less ridiculous VRM ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?
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    Wow - Just WOW!

    Three of the PCPer guys also joined Intel this year.
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    And so it begins... First AMD Ryzen AM4 server motherboard.

    Are those memory restrictions not just AMDs? Since the CPUs are not locked down, hopefully memory freq (and timings) will be user settable.
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    Supermicro M11SDV-8C-LN4F Review AMD EPYC 3251 mITX Platform

    IF is still there between the two CCXs on the die. Look at the Ryzen 7 chips to see how much memory speed effects inter-core latency on single die Zens.
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    eBay intel 4800X 750GB 417USD?

    Sticker makes me think it is a reliability sample.
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    Where is Patrick?

    "Patrick was last seen: Yesterday at 11:00 PM" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯