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    Lenovo M700/M900 BIOS mod to Coffee Lake CPUs

    The original post is getting a little congested so I'll split up that original Post into more individual topics Here my experiences with modding the M700/M900 Tiny desktop BIOS, should work equally well on the larger versions too as they share the same BIOS Before even contemplating this you...
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    Tiny/Mini/Micro PC experiences

    Here is a list of the known Lenovo, Dell and HP Tiny/Mini PCs, these are all the 1lt versions, there are even smaller and slightly larger versions but sticking with 1lt If I've missed or made a mistake(s) on any by all means reply Its very much a work in progress, the Tiny PC market is huge...
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    Intel 82574L issues

    Bought a 82574L Single Gigabit LAN port on a 1x PCIe NIC. From day one, it was playing up oddly, would from a cold start boot up OK, but a reboot it would get Code 10 errors in Win8.1 On a UEFI BIOS there is an arror at boot saying can't continue to load boot ROM. Tried NVRAM diagnosis but...
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    LSI MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i 8 port 12Gb/s

    May not be a great deal but not bad deal all the same. Includes Cachevault module, US only shipping :( LSI MegaRAID SAS 9361-8i 8 port 12Gb/s
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    Cheap 8x port Gbe switch experiences $30

    TH-1008G, Chinese switch ebay special Realtek 8370 based. Now that the post is here I'm committed to do something So far cheap is good, but with quirks. More to come. Getting hammered at the moment with file shifting.
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    Icy Dock MB982IP-1S-1 Tested with Toshiba 12Gb/s SSD

    Our good friend Paul has taken the Icy Dock MB982IP-1S-1 3.5 to 2.5" converter kit put in a Toshiba 12Gb/s SSD and attached it to a LSI 9300-8e Then took it all for a spin For the article head on over here
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    Astek A33606 expander experiences

    Am awaiting the arrival of the above for mentioned expander. Never played with expanders before and found this one on Ebay for a reasonable price. It's not a more common Intel or Chenbro, so am taking a risk, but risks are what life is all about. It looks to be a 24 port out 4 port external in...
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    LSI 9201-8i $76

    3 of them as at time of posting Same as coveted LSI9211-8i Cheaper than a M1015 LSI Internal SATA/SAS 9201-8i | eBay
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    Canon DSLR remote WIFI controller

    I just got a Canon 6D and can remote into it with my Android phone Canon include an Android app in their SW Handy for uploading photo's and remote camera control
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    ASRock Z87 Extreme11

    Picture says all, one huge leap for Nerdkind No doubt it will be late in the year before we actually see them in the flesh. More details here
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    Toshiba PX02SM Series 12Gb/s Enterprise SSD Review

    Our good friend Paul has written a review on the first of the 12Gbps SSDs to surface. Can't be long now till we see 12Gbps controllers. Toshiba PX02SM Series 12Gb/s Enterprise SSD Review
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    lsi 9206-16e on ebay

    First one (well 10) on ebay, put it here as not a bargain @ $617 LSI Logic LSI00299 LSI SAS 9206 16E SGL 16port Ctlr 6GB s SATA SAS PCIe 3 0 | eBay For those not in the know, the 9206 comes with dual SAS2308 controllers on a 8x PCIe Gen3 bus
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    New LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 9285-8e with CacheCade Pro 2.0/Fastpath

    I bought my LSI 9261 and 9266 both with Cachecade from this seller so can vouch he's the real deal. Here is a very good external controller with CC2 included: New LSI Logic MegaRAID SAS 9285-8e with CacheCade Pro 2.0/Fastpath $400 OBO + shipping around the world 2x available. Cheap as chips
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    Strange things afoot with i5-3470T and ASUS P8Z77 WS Mobo

    I was happily making another attempt to get the 2nd SAS2008 controller working on the LSI9202-16e Happily flashed the card using LSIUTIL, for first time, in windows as DOS one is impossible to work. I had been flashing away using SAS2FLASH earlier Upon reboot, I suddenly noticed that the board...
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    LSI First to Ship New High-Performance 12Gb/s SAS Products

    I take it Intels Haswell Mobo's might be coming out with more than 2x SATA3 ports. So LSI and Adaptecs 2+ SAS2/SATA3 ports domination will come to an end. Only one way to fix it, go SAS3/SATA4. 1GB/s from a single SSD (given time) woohoo. Now how long will it be before we see these available...
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    Samsung 840 (not pro) 500GB $280

    Samsung 840 (not pro) 500GB $280 PromoCode EMCXTXM23 Cheap vs the also in special: Samsung 840 Pro 512GB $460 PromoCode EMCXTXM33
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    LSI Fastpath key, what does it do and how does it do it

    The LSI Fastpath software key is an allusive feature. It's not mentioned anywhere in any of LSI's utilities, webBIOS or MSM. It's a very good feature I'm told, but how do we take advantage of it. I've had a look around and found the MegaRAID® SAS Software User Guide A behemoth PDF with...
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    Intel EXPX9501AT (XR977) experiences

    Intel EXPX9501AT (XR997) experiences 2x Single 10Gbe cards arrived today in the mail, ta very much Patrick. Plugged one into my system (ASUS P8Z77 WS) Switched on machine, WOW what a racket, high pitched squeal from tiny little fan spinning way too fast for its own good. I can't live that...
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    LSI controllers for sale

    It's time to clear some space on my desk. As some of you know I have been tinkering with SAS/SATA controllers for a while, I seem to have more than I need. So time to get rid of some some. All are working as they should, not new ofcourse, all I want is the price I paid, as I never pay retail...
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    New - LSI 9267-8i

    Doesn't show on their product pages, came accross this by accident. Not quite sure how this fits in the scheme of things, the LSI9271 is a new look PCIe 3.0 board with SAS slots at the rear. This card looks more like the LSI9266-8i but a choice of RAM is offered. Whether it ever sees light of...