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  1. Boddy

    F320 V-NAND NVMe 7317693 3.2TB PCIe SSD FLASH DRIVE SAMSUNG MZ-PLK3T20 Oracle L3

    Seller says removed from demo server. $489 with 2 and half hours to go. (2 bids) F320 V-NAND NVMe 7317693 3.2TB PCIe SSD FLASH DRIVE SAMSUNG MZ-PLK3T20 Oracle L3 | eBay Best of luck to winning bidder!
  2. Boddy

    Fake PayPal email scam

    Hi fellow STHers. Latest PayPal scam details FYI. WARNING: Scammers now trying to steal your details through Paypal
  3. Boddy

    Intel P3600 800Gb $300 OBO

    Searching Ebay for P3700 drives l noticed our friend Kelly O'Malley has these drives on Ebay. Listed as new (brown box). No picks except brown box. I'm assuming P series is Pcie? I wonder what their lowest price is? How do they compare to P3700 listed? Intel SSDPE2ME800G4 DE SSD DC P3600 Series...
  4. Boddy

    How to determine Ebay seller's location.

    Not a deal as such, but I hope it helps other avid STH EBay shoppers. Where goods are listed as 'located' in your country (may be false) if you look under seller's details you may find that seller is located in another country (e.g. China).
  5. Boddy

    .luxe domain names for Ethereum blockchain users

    I'm not sure if this is correct forum to post (not do I understand how it works), but domain name provider has sent me email about the new TLD. FYI
  6. Boddy

    AU Allbids Ex Gov auction

    Hi STHers, FYI Allbids are having an auction of some ex-government IT stuff (inc. transceivers) that some may be interested. Please note additional charges for bidding and freight: Find something unique at ALLBIDS
  7. Boddy

    Alibaba Cloud free trial

    I'd be interested in other's feedback: Alibaba Cloud Free Trial - Build Big Try out over 40 products Cheers
  8. Boddy

    AU Eaton 9SX5KiRT 4500w UPS with 2 additional battery units

    A monster sized UPS, probably a little to big for my needs. U3 size Eaton 9SX5KIRT 4500w rackmount UPS Output Power (VA): 5000 Output Power (W): 4500 Power Outputs: 8x Standard IEC 10a, 2 x 16a Battery Condition: Holds charge with 2 x Eaton 9SXEBM180RT Extended Battery Units (untested, one...
  9. Boddy

    AU HGST 3.5" 10TB SATA 6Gb/s 7.2K 256M HUH721010ALE604 Hard Drive AU$350 OBO

    Australian seller. I thought someone in Australia may be interested in these. Multiple drives available (105 drives). Price listed on header is AU$350. (Price shown in description is AU$475, maybe a price reduction?) HGST 3.5" 10TB SATA 6Gb/s 7.2K 256M HUH721010ALE604 Hard Drive | eBay
  10. Boddy

    Samsung - 960 EVO 500GB Internal PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe) $220 Best Buys on EBay

    I spotted this and thought there could be some people interested: Free shipping (USA) Limited quantities available. :) Samsung - 960 EVO 500GB Internal PCI Express 3.0 x4 (NVMe) Solid State Drive ...
  11. Boddy

    Free Win10 upgrade still available

    For those still wishing to upgrade from Win7 or Win8 to Windows 10 (heaven forbid LOL) apparently, according to a recently posted TecRadar report, it is still available: Want Windows 10 for free? You can still upgrade for nothing | TechRadar
  12. Boddy

    Hot budget CPU Kaby Lake G4560 $80

    I was considering building a workstation with a cheap used E5-2640 ($25) but 2.5 GHz (3 GHX turbo) speed and the cost of non generic (Chinese) motherboard for $300 was a bit dissuasive. The new G4560 Kaby Lake Pentium CPU can be bought for $80 new. A budget CPU with 3.5 GHz dual core and...
  13. Boddy

    Dell (Intel) vunerability

    I visited Dell website looking for a bios update for my OptiPlex 990 and came across this warning on the driver download webpage. it suggests it could be a wider problem affecting Intel machines: "Dell is aware of an industry-wide vulnerability described in this security bulletin from Intel...
  14. Boddy

    How to activate WD bonus 200 GB OneDrive cloud storage

    If there is any STHers like me who have left it to the last day: 30th June 2017 to activate their bonus 200 GB OneDrive that came with specially marked Seagate portable HDD that was listed here some time ago. If you are having probs and only get a standard 15 GB OneDrive account, there is not...
  15. Boddy

    AU AusPost get $10 off Ebay AU when spending $30

    I got an AusPost email today suggesting $10 discount for minimum purchases $30 (and over) using promo code V43NW2JDLQNH7NFW ends 8 June 2017. No description if it's a once off or you can make multiple purchases. I have not tried accessing USA EBay goods from EBau AU and whether this will still...
  16. Boddy

    Newegg Shell Shocker email deals end 31 May 2017

    Neutron EWS 24-Port Managed Gigabit Smart Switch with 4 SFP ports with Free ezMaster Network Management Software w/ purchase, limited offer $99 with promo code EMCSRFDB4 Limit 2. Neutron EWS 24-Port Managed Gigabit Smart Switch with 4 SFP ASUS ROG RAMPAGE V EXTREME/U3.1 LGA...
  17. Boddy

    7 x GPU rig for ZCash mining

    I came across this video, it looks awesome. I thought I'd share: or Zcash Mining Hardware - Zcash Community same video. I wonder how he goes with performance/electricity use (2000 watt PSU)? Cheers :-)
  18. Boddy

    Unknown user in Google Chrome: is this a hack?

    Hi, Several months ago my modem was hacked after visiting a dating site and I was redirected to a fake email site. At the time I noticed a 'unknown user account' in Internet Explorer. I have installed a new SSD and transferred my documents across. I have ditched my router and now using mobile...
  19. Boddy

    Newegg: Refurbished HGST/Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 HUA723020ALA641 2TB HD $40 end Thu

    Hi fellow STHers! I just received an email from Newegg selling the above HDD (64MB Cache) for $40 + free delivery. (That's $10 off Go Hard Drive's price) for those wanting to pick up more of these drives. NB. Deal ends Thursday. HGST/Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000 HUA723020ALA641 2TB 7200 RPM 64MB...
  20. Boddy

    Newegg: Acronis True Image 2017 - 1 Device $10 AR

    Software weekly special, limited offer. Sale price $40 Sale Ends in 2 Days (Tue) $9.99 after $30.00 rebate. (USA residents it seems :-( ) Acronis True Image 2017 - 1 Device -