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    Asking a small favor from any SAS SSD owners on the forum

    Bash script to check SAS drive standby mode. Ubuntu #!/bin/bash # Find only SAS drives declare -a StringArray=($(ls /dev/disk/by-id/ | grep -v part | grep "scsi" )) for drive in ${StringArray[@]}; do echo check SAS $drive standby flag sudo sdparm -a /dev/disk/by-id/$drive | grep -i...
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    HP mini has a 65w version that would support 65w CPU, but the fan would run fast and loud. STH has a 65w mini review
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    Ablecom PSU's ?

    My guess is that SM PSU are manufactured by Ablecom. When I search Ebay, I would incudled Ablecom in my search keyword.
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    Ablecom PSU's ?

    Supermicro and Ablecom founders both are brothers. Super Micro Computer: A One-Man, or at Least One-Family ... › ... › Business Computing Nov 23, 2008 — One of Super Micro's main Taiwanese manufacturing partners, Ablecom, is run by Mr. Liang's brother, Steve Liang...
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    Xeon E3s - 1220 vs 1225 vs 1226

    At these late stage of E3 v3 life cycle, pricing is based on supply not clock speed. No reason not getting a 4 core , 4 threads CPU like 1240 v3 and up , like 1270 v3. Last week, I picked up 3 x E3-1240 v3 for $38 each shipped. I still have a lot of Supermicro and Intel E3 v3 systems. I also...
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    Help sourcing this capacitor 560 uF 4 VDC Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors you could also search digikey
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    1U Supermicro Server 6x 10GBE RJ45 X10SLH-LN6TF LGA 1150 H3 X10SLH-N6-ST031

    I transplant the system board from the 1u chassis to a iStar 2u matx case Fan profile set to Optimal speed, no need to run ipmitool to set threshold. 2 Front fan running at 1100rpm, CPU fan is at 1600 rpm. Nice and quiet , just low hum.
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    Supermicro 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5" HDD enclosure (sas or sata) ~ $106.25-$125 (new'ish)

    No comparison, Supermicro cage is so much better. I started using $38 each Kingwin KF-4001-BK 3.5" Internal Hot Swap Rack RAID- 4 Bay ( SATA only ). It has a 120MM fan, big and quiet fan. Kingwin is not bad for the $38 price
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    Supermicro 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5" HDD enclosure (sas or sata) ~ $106.25-$125 (new'ish)

    I have an old Antec P183 case , I never thought about using the drives cages in the P183 case. By any chance , you have pictures of your setup? How many hot swap drives cages it holds?
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    Supermicro 3x 5.25" to 5x 3.5" HDD enclosure (sas or sata) ~ $106.25-$125 (new'ish)

    I have 3 SM cages in a Cooler Master CM Stacker 831 Black Case . This is a really BIG case. No bending of 5.25" mounting tab. SM cage just slide in. The picture is from Internet. I do not have pictures of my case.
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    Wireless bridge between two buildings: Hardware suggestions needed 200 feet with clear line of sight, if you could mount the receiver and transmitter pair external to the building. It is piece of cake, you could just pick any airmax , even cheap airMAX NanoStation 5AC Loco
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    5019D-FN8TP-X11SDV-4C-TP8F New in Box $500

    I have 6 older xeon-d systems in the house, none is power on or use. I am sick , I still looking at this thread and want to buy this newer xeon system.
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    5019D-FN8TP-X11SDV-4C-TP8F New in Box $500

    Here is a screenshot of various VMs running on a Proxmox 16gb ram chiavm consumes the most memory , 6gb ram , runs my Chia farming node LabRouter is a pFsense router Coudy is a Xpenology vm hosting my documents and fileshare I do not normally run all the OpenWrt router vms.
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    5019D-FN8TP-X11SDV-4C-TP8F New in Box $500

    Last year, Ebay reseller were dumping E3 motherboard with ECC UDIMM. Intel or SM board with E3-1200v3 CPU and 16gb or 32gb ECC UDIMM for $75. I was buying $5-$10 for some useless 4GB ECC UDIMM, 4 slots give me 16GB, I run Proxmox server with 16GB, it would run a bunch Pfsense vms , openwrt...
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    5019D-FN8TP-X11SDV-4C-TP8F New in Box $500

    4 of my favorite low cost option today, may be even relative low power A) E3 v3 platform , $35 for Intel motherboard , $40 for E3-1240 v3 cpu B) E3 v5 platform , $65 for Supermicro x11 board, $65 for E3-1270 v5 cpu C) C246 platform , $100 for C246 motherboard , $120 for I5-9500 or I5-8500 CPU...
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    5019D-FN8TP-X11SDV-4C-TP8F New in Box $500

    More money ;)
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    IGMP Proxy (multicast routing)

    Thank you. I'll read your notes and have fun with it. I am trying to use airplay . Receiver is in subnet, server is in another subnet.
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    Interesting drive holder station. Do you have close up pictures of the drives station?
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    IGMP Proxy (multicast routing)

    Very interest in socat. Could you post quick example of your config?
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    EXPIRED WD 14TB Elements External Hard Drive - 259.99$

    There is hope to buy cheaper drives this black friday.