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  1. funkywizard

    Post your mining rigs

    I'll start. Shown is the hot aisle for most of my chia farm. Servers showing 12x drive bays are 36 bay servers. I have 3 more 36 bay servers hosted at a real datacenter for the moment. What is shown is in an evaporatively cooled warehouse. Everything that's not in a 36 bay here is a plotter...
  2. funkywizard

    Scalable CPUs to watch

    Probably will start seeing scalable coming on the used market in the next year or so. As you can get 14 core E5-2680v4 CPUs for $150 ea and 18 core E5-2695v4 CPUs as low as $200 each, I think you'll want to see 22 - 24 core scalable CPUs in the $200 range to justify an upgrade. As 28 cores is...
  3. funkywizard

    Recommended cheap used enterprise sas12 SSD for cachecade?

    I've noticed the LSI 9300 series (such as 9361-8i or 9361-16i) are the newest that still supports cachecade. The 2gb ram cards support up to a 2TB cache, unlike 512gb max for 1GB hw raid cards. On 9271 raid cards I just use 4x 400gb Intel DC S3700 drives in raid 10 due to their excellent write...
  4. funkywizard

    EPYC ROME Motherboards???

    Seriously are there any out there you can actually buy? Provantage has a few listed as special order. Newegg has a couple that come with CPUs for $$$$$$ and says no returns, replacements, or refunds. If I want to build an Epyc Rome (or heck, even Threadripper if it has ECC and IPMI) what...
  5. funkywizard

    DIY swamp cooler

    Arizona gets pretty hot. The garage has no cooling (or insulation, sadly), so it's been getting up to 110+ degrees, with sub 10% humidity. Have built a home made swamp cooler to address this, so that the garage will be cool enough to run servers. Have put 6x noctua fans blowing out of the...
  6. funkywizard

    PCIe U.2 to 12g sas adapter 1u?

    Hey everyone. Much appreciate the help in the other thread regarding U.2 to pcie, having the drive attached to the addon board. Have a slightly different scenario here. Have a pretty standard 1u chassis where I do have access to 2.5" / 3.5" bays, as well as molex and sata power. But, no native...
  7. funkywizard

    Draw sata or molex power from pcie slot?

    Not sure which subforum this is best for, so here goes. I'd like to power couple a u.2 nvme ssds in a chassis where this is not possible. The only place you could get power for anything the manufacturer didn't specifically design for, is the pcie bus. The server supports 75w draw for gpus in...
  8. funkywizard

    Custom Water Cooled Rack (Fun with Prototyping)

    As mentioned in another thread, I recently got a monster radiator. It was suggested I make a thread for the project it's related to. So here we are. A bit of a loose prototype kind of project at this point. The general theme is rackmount server cooling efficiency. One major thrust of this is...
  9. funkywizard

    Juniper EX4200-48T + 2x10g + rails + dual psu -- $148

    EX4200-48T JUNIPER 48 PORT 8 PoE GIGABIT L3 MANAGED SWITCH WITH 2x AC POWER | eBay Of all the Juniper EX4200 models, this will be the most power efficient. The 48-poe model uses quite a bit more power (even when not using POE). The larger PSUs use more power as well. So the 48T model with the...
  10. funkywizard

    Pics: 1080ti Jenga

    Time to pull down the boxes from the closet. Can I pull one more out?
  11. funkywizard

    DIY Air filter boxes / fan enclosures (pics)

    Please forgive the "1.0 prototype" made out of cardboard. Wanted a quick proof of concept -- it's being replaced with the 2.0. Anyway, bringing in outside air for cooling miners is "effective", but tons of filth gets all over everything pretty quick. So, putting together some fans + filters to...
  12. funkywizard

    [Cancelled] For Sale: QTY 16 -- VEGA 56 / 64 GPUs

    Hi, Looking to sell some Vega 56 and Vega 64 GPUs. Good working condition. ========== Used for mining for a few months. Fan speeds always kept to maximum, operated in a datacenter environment with proper cooling. Typical core temperatures have been kept well below 60c. All Vega 56's have...
  13. funkywizard

    [Software] -- Electroneum Daemon sucks -- ideas?

    Heya. Some of you may have noticed that cryptopia has had wallet issues recently with ETN. But, they're not the only ones. Tradeogre and qryptos recently started trading ETN as well, and their wallets have had sporadic issues as well. As some background, I'm self-pooling electroneum, as well...
  14. funkywizard

    BITTREX manually accepting account applications

    Bittrex signup -looks- like it's not available / requires special procedures, but as of this week (currently Feb 24) it works without too much hassle. Just requires a manual ticket submission. Steps: Go to their new signup page: Click...
  15. funkywizard

    Crypto Blood Bath? Mining ideas...

    Crypto prices seem to be going off a cliff, as well as mining revenues. Mining revenues "per hardware" are down 50 - 70% vs 2-3 weeks ago. Crypto prices are in a similar boat -- down 30-70% vs 2-3 weeks ago. Any coins bucking the trend? For gpu mining, Lux was a good alternative to zcash for...
  16. funkywizard

    newegg gtx 1050 evga -- $115 (sale ends today)

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 SC GAMING, 02G-P4-6152-KR, 2GB GDDR5, DX12 OSD Support (PXOC) - EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 SC GAMING Sale ends today, limit 1. Can do about 160 sol/s zcash at 65w. Haven't tried lux but probably more profitable there. Does not require pcie power cables.
  17. funkywizard

    Burstcoin Plotting

    Hi Have done some more testing on burstcoin plotting. The interesting bit this time around is vega plotting performance (TL;DR -- it's quite good) Some general results from previous testing: ========== xplotter on dual e5-2660v1 -- 25k - 30k nonce / minute cpu plotting Pros: Creates...
  18. funkywizard

    Monero private pool?

    Any interest in a private Monero pool? Aeon profits on many CPUs are no better than Monero now, and it's harder to trade Aeon. I could see myself switching back and forth depending on profitability. Would be nice to be part of the same group effort here on ServeTheHome whether I'm doing Aeon or...
  19. funkywizard

    Open source cuda / nvidia zcash miner?

    It looks like everyone is using EWBF, which is closed source. Is there an open source zcash miner for GPUs that performs reasonably well?
  20. funkywizard

    ConnectX-3 Pro -- 40g QSFP compatibility?

    Hey everyone. Been lurking a while, first post. Anyway, got a bunch of gear from ebay and fs to upgrade our network. One bit we tested had issues, any insight appreciated. Have some ConnectX-3 Pro (HP relabeled) 40g VPI nics. -- Works @ 10g with QSA adapter and either a DAC or SFP+ optic. --...