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  1. gigatexal

    I am still here just lurking

    I've been working for almost a year now as a data engineer. It's the best job I have ever had. We do a ton of stuff on cloud. So I've not done much other than some random plex server stuff, some pi-hole things, and a pfsense box (thank you, thank you, thank you to the forum folks who responded...
  2. gigatexal

    Pfsense IPv6 help!

    I wanted to start moving away from my crappy ISP cable-modem/router/firewall/wireless-AP and have been doing so for a while now. It has been determined that if I call up my ISP they can turn the modem into bridge mode thereby making it, for all-intents-and-purposes a dumb modem and my pfsense...
  3. gigatexal

    Virtualization of pfsense and others, pre check

    My goal is to consolidate a few boxes onto one -- none are mission critical really so if the VM host I want to migrate them to goes down and takes them too then that's ok. I have a dedicated (franken-plex box -- that is just janky and needs to get decommissioned) and a few development servers...
  4. gigatexal

    ~2.6M iops on a single core at QD128 with optane and io_uring (linux) absolutely bonkers -- looks really cool
  5. gigatexal

    Network setup help

    So here’s the diagram: double line with a chevron means wired and single line means wireless. Legend is also in the image. whatI would like to do is use a pfsense VM (can’t make it a hardware unit for reasons outside of this thread) for routing and the firewall and DHCP because the wireless...
  6. gigatexal

    EU WTB: B550 AM4 motherboard, 3600X or 3700X, 2080{Super/TI}, 5700XT

    Update: found a 3700X Still looking on a GPU My setup is in dire need of upgrades. As the title states I have a CC ready and looking to buy. Need a CPU, a motherboard, and a new GPU. if you’ve an amazing deal on an 8 core 16 thread Intel setup I’d be ok to entertain that too. looking to pay...
  7. gigatexal

    EU Ebay 2080ti for 400 EUR The seller has good ratings though only accepts bank transfer
  8. gigatexal

    Dual intel i211 Ethernet SBC (pfsense killer box?) Datasheet General SKU UPX-WHLCR-A20-04064 Basic info Part number UPX-WHLCR-A20-04064 Availability New Product system level SoC Intel® Celeron 4305UE ( up to 2.0 Ghz) # of Core 2 Graphics Intel® UHD Graphics 610 VPU optional ( via...
  9. gigatexal

    Low power zen 2 better per watt than Apple A series?

    This came up over at HN: “So far, per-watt and relative to the amount of I/O, Zen 2 Low-power is already more efficient than anything Apple has put out so far. So I don't think it would have that much of an impact.” I asked the op for benchmarks but this is news to me: I mean they’re different...
  10. gigatexal

    ISP modem router Wi-Fi hw use DMZ to get around bridging?

    So I can’t bridge my modem/router thing but I did think that perhaps I could do the following: 1. disable dhcp, firewall, etc 2. Create a DMZ endpoint with an ip of say 3. Use separate pfsense firewall and router using the DMZ endpoint as if it were the WAN ip of a dumb simple...
  11. gigatexal

    Double NAT headache, any solutions?

    So I’ve got a modem + router from Vodafone (see attached image) and I connected to it the other day to see if I could disable the routing and it doesn’t look like I can. That’s annoying. so it’s set to do DHCP at there’s a cable from it to a layer 2 switch that connects to the...
  12. gigatexal

    ZFS + Hyper-V + ? how to best expose storage to windows host

    So I have a win10 host with 2 6TB drives in a zfs mirror on a hyper-v VM that I want to then expose back to the host because games are filling up my 1TB SSD I thought about SMB and then also iSCSI but am not sure of the perf and was hoping to get some feedback on what approach one would take...
  13. gigatexal

    How to create ZFS for easy drive swapping between computers?

    I just picked up two HDDs for a ZFS mirror that I will pass through via Hyper-V to a VM for the time being until I decide (if/when) to build a dedicated box. In that vein it would be nice to create the ZFS pool such that I can just do a pool export and then take the drives and put them in this...
  14. gigatexal

    Proxmox and pfsense missing last step

    Virtualization — Virtualizing pfSense with Proxmox | pfSense Documentation I was reading through the guide linked above but what I can’t understand is: when I create new VMs on proxmox do I assign them the lan bridge of the pfsense VM? And related are there any gotchas I should know about...
  15. gigatexal

    EU WTB: 32GB ram (2x 16GB DDR4 3200), 2x 6TB SATA or bigger NAS drivess

    I'm in Hamburg, Germany. So this is an EU request. I am using my gaming PC a lot more for work and could use more ram. Also, i am paying too much for a hosted server with a paltry amount of ram so I could use some storage for plex. Looking to pay sub 150 EUR OBO for the ram sticks including...
  16. gigatexal

    new in Linux Kernel > 5.1 io_uring much faster aio I/O the tl;dr is that this is a new kernel interface designed at being more performant for I/O And at the end of the PDF with benchmarks.
  17. gigatexal

    Happy Thanksgiving and a leather couch question

    First of all Happy Thanksgiving to anyone celebrating. I did something stupid. We are having company over for the holiday and I went to clean the leather couch and applied cleaner onto it directly so now it's stained. Am I doomed or has anyone done this and fixed it? If so what did you do? The...
  18. gigatexal

    1T transistors, petabits of bandwidth, 18GB of L1 memory (sram) AI chip

    the folks over at Cerebras are on the whole let’s make it gigantic and see if it works. The numbers sure are crazy Cerebras Systems unveils a record 1.2 trillion transistor chip for AI @Patrick eager to see this on the front page and get STH staff thoughts on such a beast
  19. gigatexal

    8TB QLC SSD < 800USD Found this over at hardforum and wanted to share. Fast reads slower writes but would make a hell of a Plex drive
  20. gigatexal

    EU FS/FT: 1600X bare 95EUR OBO, 1700X 105EUR shipped

    Won a 3600X now I have a 1700X and a 1600X for sale or trade both for 32GB of ddr4 3000 or better low latency ram. 1700X 105 EUR shipped 1600X 90 EUR shipped heatware under dualboot_2xcpu I take PayPal and am open to offers