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  1. Tom5051

    Patching Intel X520 EEPROM to unlock all SFP+ transceivers

    You can download a linux version that can run from a USB stick, use Rufus to make a bootable usb stick from the linux ISO, run commands from the terminal window with the X520 installed.
  2. Tom5051

    Anyone here familiar with welding or soldering Aluminum ?

    or just put a decent fan on top of your PCIE cards
  3. Tom5051

    Are lead gel batteries alright?

    The batteries that come with these units are gel cels. You really want a deep cycle battery as discharging regular lead acid batteries to near flat damages them. Just don't use wet cell batteries as found in your car, they produce hydrogen when recharged and it is vented to the atmosphere...
  4. Tom5051

    ESXi only getting 10Gbit but link at 40Gbit...

    probably got the nic plugged into a gen 2 pcie slot
  5. Tom5051

    WTB: 10G managed switch to learn the ropes.

    why does it need to be 10G? Sounds like you just want free stuff. There really isn't much to learn with switches
  6. Tom5051

    PoE passthrough managed switch?

    unifi only need the controller setup on a PC so you can configure the switch, then you can turn it off forever. Alternatively their Edge Switch product line has management built in.
  7. Tom5051


    try using that 6805 with 6.7 and get the maxview cim working. yeah you know what I'm talking about
  8. Tom5051


    you haven't tried to use one with ESXi then...
  9. Tom5051


    Adaptec suck
  10. Tom5051

    Any printer expert around?

    Get the newest one you can, they stop making cartridges to force you to buy a new printer these days.
  11. Tom5051

    Home network redo of 2021

    make sure you are running the latest firmware on those QSW-M408 switches, it took me months to convince them that their implementation of flow control was causing major slow downs. Be the version that was released in Jan 2021. VLANs dont work properly on these model switches either but I gave...
  12. Tom5051

    $300 Qnap 8 port 2.5Gbase switch, 2 x10Gbit/s switch @ Amazon

    QNAP switches aren't very good. I had one and it took ages to convince them there was an issue with their implementation of flow control. speeds were capped at 6.5G instead of 10G
  13. Tom5051

    Grease in peripheral slots?! Who would do such a thing??!!! Board hosed?!?

    If you remove all sources of power (bios battery), you can run a motherboard through a car wash. As long as it is clean and dry when power is applied, no issues. I would avoid the dish washer as the chemicals in the detergent can oxadize the heck out of some metals. Some spray cans of that cheap...
  14. Tom5051

    Jobs/Hiring Forum?

    Don't see the need. This is serve the home, not serve the business community
  15. Tom5051

    What would you recommend I do about a congested network segment?

    Hire someone who knows what they are doing. Otherwise you are just wasting your time.
  16. Tom5051

    Aggregation Switches >6 SFP+ <= 16SFP+?

    You don't need to run the unifi controller all the time, only when you want to make changes to the config or to update firmware. Just install it on a server or a pc. The Ubiquiti US-16-XG switch is very nice.
  17. Tom5051

    A venting question... want to put rack in utility closet

    You'd need a split system a/c or some other form of cooling, even a couple of servers and a switch in an enclosed space will get too hot. The water is also a concern.
  18. Tom5051

    Router for upgrade to 10 Gigabit WAN at home

    you will likely need more budget.