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  1. K D

    [SOLVED] Help Needed - Brocade ICX 6450 + Ruckus R720

    After several months of putting it off due to schedule issues, I finally got around to rebuilding my home network based on Brocade ICX 6450 + Ruckus R720 + PFSense combo. I am currently running a UBNT Based network with 6 switches , 2 AP-Pros, USG and Cloud Key Gen2 +. After experimenting...
  2. K D

    Identifying Unplayable Video Files in Media Library

    After suddenly receiving errors in Plex on a few videos, I was curious as to how many files I have that have some issues with playback. Looked around and the only way to do this seemed to be using ffmpeg to transcode the file and see if succeeds. Here's what I came up with. Running it against my...
  3. K D

    HELP!!!!! APC Netshelter Cx Repair

    I purchased a netshelter CX 38U rack and it got damaged during shipping. Is there any way to repair this? It's still at the freight company's warehouse. I need to make a decision as to whether I want to get it home or not ASAP.
  4. K D

    FS: Price Drop 3x X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD motherboards

    Motherboards : 3x Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD (Supports v2 CPUs) - $250 each PSUs : 5x PWS-920P-SQ - $85 each (shipped to CONUS) Unless specified, Shipping not included. Paypal FF or Google Wallet accepted. Local Pickup in 30041 available. Sold : 1x Supermicro X10SDV-4C-7TP4F - @Aestr 1x...
  5. K D

    WTB/WTT Supermicro SC846 PDB

    I'm looking for an 846 PDB with wide connectors. Unable to find any used ones on eBay. Any eBay links will also be helpful.
  6. K D

    WTB: DC power supply for Supermicro X10SDV

    I have a Xeon D 1541 in a supermicro sys-200 case that I use as a portable lab. I am currently using a MCP-250-10122-0N 84W power supply that is half the size of the case and almost the same weight. I'm looking for a more compact and portable option. Any recommendations?
  7. K D

    FreeNAS 11.1 U5 - Fatal Trap 12 error

    My FreeNAS box keeps getting this error and reboots by itself every 5-10 minutes. I have tried re installing FreeNAS but get the same issue. System Config: Motherboard - X10SRH-CLN4F with onboard LSI 3008 flashed to P14 CPU - E5-1620 V4 RAM - Hynix 2 x 16GB DDR4 22400 ECC NIC - Mellanox CX3...
  8. K D

    Machine Learning for Beginners

    I'm looking for some learning resources to get started on Machine Learning. Can anyone give some pointers?
  9. K D

    Gizmac Xrackpro25 Cable Management advice needed

    Anyone have this Rack? I am using it for 5 supermicro 216 and one 846 chassis. There doesn't seem to be enough space for a 0U pdu or a vertical cable manager. Looking for some tips and (or) pics of your setup. This is how the rack is loaded 1U Arista 1U dell r230 1U dell r230 2U Supermicro...
  10. K D

    WTB Supermicro 847 chassis

    Looking for a Supermicro 847 36 bay chassis or 45 bay JBOD chassis. If anyone is looking to part with theirs and can ship to 30041 or even better within a couple of hours driving distance, please PM me.
  11. K D

    30TB SSD - Samsung PM1643

    Just came across this. 30 TB SSD with 1DWPD for 5 years. Wow. Wonder what it would cost. Samsung launches 30.72 terabyte SAS SSD | ZDNet
  12. K D

    Hardware Decoding in Plex Linux VM

    Has anyone been successful in having Plex do hardware trascoding in Linux? I have a debian VM with the latest plex pass version of the PMS installed and the intel iGPU passed through. But transcoding never hits the GPU. Temporarily I spun up a windows 10 vm and installed plex. Hardware...
  13. K D

    Nested ESXi Networking Issues

    I have a small SYS-E200 running a Xeon D-1541 that I take with me when travelling so that I can do VCP practice labs. Since the evaluation period ran out, I had to rebuild the lab and am running into some issues that I've not been able to figure out so far. Here’s the Setup : 1 Physical Host...
  14. K D

    Xeon Silver 4110 + SuperMicro X11SPL-F combo

    Selling the CPU/Mobo combo that i used in this build. Scalable Xeon SAS3 Storage Server Both were purchased new from WiredZone early September. Very light use for about a month and has sat unused for the past couple of months. I will also include a Dynatron B5 cooler with the purchase. I...
  15. K D

    4x NVMe shared over NFS/iscsi options

    What would be the best Option for an NFs/iscsi server to provide shared storage for esxi and hyper-v hosts using P3600 drives.
  16. K D

    M.2 recommendation for esxi datastore

    I am building an esxi server with a Supermicro SYS-E200-9D system. To improve thermals, I'm replacing the stock heatsink with a slightly taller one and that means I cannot add a 2.5 drive. I have a 128GB SM 961 that I can use in the m.2 slot. I need another m.2 atleast 256 GB that I can use in...
  17. K D

    Remote Access to Home Network

    I have always used TeamViewer to connect to a Jumpbox at home when I'm remote. I recently started using OpenVPN. I'm starting an assignment where it's no longer a BYOD device and the laptop is pretty locked down. I can't install any VPN client or the TeamViewer client. What options do I have to...
  18. K D

    ESXi crash with AOC-SLG3-2E4 and Intel DC P3600 Passthrough

    Specs Motherboard : Inte lX11SPL-F CPU : Xeon Gold 6134 RAM : 64GB PC2400 AIC 1 - ConnectX-3 40Gb adapter AIC 2 - Intel DC P3700 400GB AIC 3 - AOC-SLG3-2E4 This is in a Supermicro 826 chassis with a BPN-SAS3826A-N4 backplane. 2 of the nvme ports are connected to the AOC-SLG3-2E4 using...
  19. K D

    Supermicro Server Manager

    Has anyone used this? I love the convenience of using IPMIview. It could be more polished but it gets the job done. Any advantage of using this over IPMIview? Supermicro Server Manager (SSM) | Supermicro Server Management Utilities | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc.
  20. K D

    0U Mounting Options

    I am trying to figure out what parts I need to mount a vertical PDU and Cable organizer in my Xrackpro2 25U rack. See picture below. It currently has the vertical rails mounted using a type of washer. I have seen PSUS mounted using a similar mechanism elsewhere but unable to figure out what it...