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  1. Patriot

    Vega 64's More to come

    I have 3 openbox Vega64's Used for <3 days each, just test bench, I was headed the ROCm path and got too busy to pursue. Bought them new, reference blowers. $350 or BO. I have the retail boxes for them. Will post pictures, heatware and more toys later. I am not using them figured I would...
  2. Patriot

    HPE buys Cray for 1.3B

    I would imagine Shasta/slingshot has something to do with it and SGI probably hasn't been as profitable as they hoped. Nvidia buying up Mellanox has the potential to limit high bandwidth interconnects to competitors, as they get more into the server game those that wish to survive must look...
  3. Patriot

    ITX pico power suggestions

    Printed an ITX case for a nuc like ITX project. Yes it is bigger... 7.5"x7.5"x2.5" But it packs a full B450 itx board (2x hdmi, 1 DP) 200GE, 512GB NVME and 16GB ram. Nice little linux box. ( I still need to print the lid and back plate.) It started right up, didn't detect nvme. Now won't...
  4. Patriot

    Who is the fraud, Unifi or Citron research?

    A lot of news websites seem to be picking up this story... Citron exposes Ubiquiti Networks - Citron Research I started getting the sensationalist flags reading citrons stories and wondered how trustworthy they are... evidently I am not alone. Is Citron Research Committing Securities Fraud...
  5. Patriot

    Anyone at Quakecon?

    I got in last night and well be here through Sat-Sunday. If anyone is here lemme know.
  6. Patriot

    Plex/Nas build

    So... my endgame is network file server and plex... with expansion for any VMs I want to run occasionally. I have 4x 5tb toshiba spinners to pass through to something to make storage... I did this with freenas previously but if I am just using plex... and can do network shares another way that...
  7. Patriot

    Bespoke gyroscopic engineering visualisation aid.

    Or as it is more colloquially known a fidget widget. Took the afternoon to learn fusion 360 and whip up my first non-replacement part design. Hooked spinner by Bryan_S I made it creative commons noncommercial so feel free to enjoy it. Oh and...that glows.
  8. Patriot

    Post your R15 scores.

    In light of what we know of Ryzen... AMD R7 1700: 1410 cb AMD R7 1700X: 1537 cb AMD r7 1800x: 1601 cb AMD r7 1800x @ 5.2: 2449 AMD r7 1800x single thread 162 (same as 6900k) Post your current rig and scores. My 1680v3 seems to be a bit retarded in this current board and downclocks on single...
  9. Patriot

    608 planetary gear bearings

    I blame Tuxdude for linking this to me in irc. I have been pretty much mass producing fidget widgets/spinners for xmas gifts. My printers are tuned and capable of printing very well finished objects. I still didn't expect them to print accurately enough to get a working bearing. I was...
  10. Patriot

    ITX anyone?

    Working with a friend who is designing this... Many revisions later, getting closer to something print worthy.
  11. Patriot

    How to make your own ABS fillament

    And now I would like to introduce @ttabbal :) Since you have mentioned the possibility of extruding your own filament for $2/kg I have found a few guides at instructables on how to do that. However, when you have the time, I would like you to share your method and source of abs pellets. :)
  12. Patriot

    Hot filament

    Do not buy from makergeeks if you want to get your filament
  13. Patriot

    Remotely controlling your 3d printer. How do you do it?

    Currently using Astroprint though looking into the best way to safely use octoprint remotely as well... astroprint is a stripped down version of octoprint aimed at user friendliness and not power users. While I appreciate the snapshot features of astroprint... they stripped out mjpg_streamer...
  14. Patriot

    AMD giving up.

    Today AMD has announced that Zen cannot compete... "We are going to stop making these stupid x86 clones and rejoin our overlords at Intel." -Lisa Su More info here
  15. Patriot

    U.2 to m.2 adapter

    I was curious if anyone made these... as there are now some boards with only u.2 plugs on them. I kinda want to see someone use that on one of those functin pcie to...
  16. Patriot

    Hot, ML10 gen8 v2 $185 shipped

    HP ProLiant ML10 v2 Tower Server with Intel Core i3-4150 3.5 GHz Dual-Core Processor, 4 GB DDR3L-1600 RAM, 350W PSU & More for $184.99 AR + Free Shipping @ $42 more than v1 version, completely different platform... This is based and shares the ML310e gen8 v2 chassis, supports 4...
  17. Patriot

    Warm, ML10 $143 shipped

    HP ML10 G2130 1P 2GB 300WE PS Server 730651-001 4 drive support max... not my usecase but its cheap. 2 as configured, $50-60 for #742971-B21 4 drive bay cage. The psu has 4 sata plugs, the board has 2 sata + miniSAS plug... If you are doing SSDs you could just jerryrig something.
  18. Patriot

    And so it begins

    I have a feeling I am going to be spending a lot on filament...
  19. Patriot

    SSD-z new drive info tool

    Granted it is still in development... but brought to you by TPU the creators of CPU-z and GPU-z SSD-Z: Information tool for Solid State Drives and other disk devices | TechPowerUp Forums
  20. Patriot

    Narrow ILM watercooling?

    I know there are blocks for it, just wondering if anyone has done it yet. As for the why? ... Because I have a thing. :D