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    AMD Genoa

    Some german it news sites[1,2] are reporting that information about the 4th gen epyc cpus has leaked. They quote this twitter post: The genoa cpus will support - up to 96 cores per cpu - 12 channdel ddr5-5200 - 128 pcie 5.0 lanes (up to 160 in 2p configurations) - up to 320watt tdp (some...
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    Mellanox NICs

    i386 submitted a new resource: Mellanox NICs - Mellanox Nics, specs and OEM variants Read more about this resource...
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    Vmware changes ESXi license because of AMD Epyc and Intel CPUs with more than 32 cores

    Starting from May 1st 2020 you will need an additional ESXi license with 32+ cores: Update to VMware’s per-CPU Pricing Model
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    Intel stops development of Omni-Path gen 2

    According to the german news site Heise and their source CRN Intel stopped development of omnipath gen 2. Omnipath 1 will be supported and sold only when customers ask for it. Source (german only): (Intel stoppt zweite Generation des schnellen InterConnect Omni-Path CRN: Intel Kills 2nd-Gen...
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    EU Mellanox EDR/100GBE Single Port NICs 169€ or BO

    This are HPE branded Mellanox MCX455A-ECAT with the standard/full profile bracket Specs: VPI EDR 100GBE PCIE 3.0 x16 Single Port SP HPE InfiniBand EDR/Ethernet 100Gb 1-port 840QSFP28 Adapter 825110-B21 | eBay HPE pn: 825110-B21 Mellanox pn: MCX455A-ECAT Product brief...
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    Intel bids 6bn $ for Mellanox

    According to german it news site Golem and their source Intel bids 6billion $ for Mellanox. Sources: Intel Among Bidders for Chipmaker Mellanox - CTech Rechenzentren: Intel bietet wohl 6 Milliarden Dollar für Mellanox - (German) I'm wondering what will happen if Mellanox accepts the...
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    Mellanox store selling now brackets

    I checked the mellanox store today for some cables and saw that they are selling now brackets for their infiniband/ethernet cards. Mellanox Infiniband and Ethernet Adapter / Network Interface Card Brackets. There are even brackets for the end-of-life connect-x 2 adapters.
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    How loud are switches (and 1u servers) in soundproofed enclosures?

    I'm planning a 40gbe (maybe infiniband) network for my homelab. I don't have a dedicated server room and from what I read the 40gbe switches are very loud (Mellanox list some of it's ethernet switches with 70dba). In different threads on sth people posted about soundproofed enclosures like the...
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    Best SSDs for Maxcache/Cachecade?

    I want to ugrade my fileserver (currently using the Adaptec 6805 raid controller with 6x 6tb in raid 6 + 2 hot spare drives) in the next months and I came across hardware raid caching technologies like Adaptecs MaxCache and LSIs CacheCade while researching. Now I'm wondering what ssds would be...