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    What are we using for NVMe cache devices these days?

    I disagree with this: I think there are enough alternatives (nvram based nvme ssds, nvdimms like optane or dram + flash) that are nowadays affordable by "normal" enterprises which made slc based ssds obsolete. I'm somehow concerned that you list a bunch of consumer ssds and not enterprise ssds...
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    FS: Western Digital Data102 JBOD Enclosure $200 + Shipping

    It's a niche product, it's huge and has "special" power requirements
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    HGST: Unknown smart status after low level format

    What tool did you use to format the hdds?
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    Tyan Backplane

    Find out if there is a nvme or sas3 backplane, contact their support/sales or look up manuals/specifications on their website. See if there is a part number. Google that part number, sometimes weird shops or ebay links pop up. Contact the shop/seller and confirm it's the part your looking for...
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I used the routing firmware because it has more features. But I'm not using them :D
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    Recommend a vSAN all flash cache drive?

    I didn't try them with vsan.They are "vanilla" nvme devices though and should work without problems in esxi/vsan.
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    Pliops XDP Extreme Data Processor Launched

    Wondering what the zfs gurus will say about this :D
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    Brocade ICX Series (cheap & powerful 10gbE/40gbE switching)

    I think you replied/answered to too many simple questions and folks got spoiled ._.
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    EXPIRED P3605: $209

    I would recommend you to inform yourself. There are pices about it on this forum, by microsoft and many more explaining the diferences.
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    EXPIRED P3605: $209

    Yes, it's a model for Oracle.
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    18TB Enterprise HDD $424.99

    This leaves you with toshiba and wd hdds only... After all that crap that wd tried to pull of I would not trust anything but their enterprise hdds anymore.
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    18TB Enterprise HDD $424.99

    >Manufacturer Recertified Are these refurbished hdds that were used to mine chia?
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    Cheapest, quietest, lowest power 40Gbe switch? (and preferably less than 55cm deep)

    For 1-4 40GBE I would look at the icx switches in the megethread, for 8+ 40GBE ports I would look at arista switches. The os of arista switches has a build in command to set the fans to 30% speed which makes them quieter than supermicro 3/4u servers. That's an unmanaged infinband switch, it...
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    Why is my E5-2690v4 running below base frequency in Windows

    You have to disable all powersaving features (it's not the default bios/uefi setting!) if you don't want the system to try saving power and "underclocking" the cpu. But your screenshot suggests that the system runs at <10%, I wouldn't change these settings...
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    Will CPUs ever come to parity with GPUs for ML/AI/compute?

    Cpus are for general use, other "processors" or accelerators are for special purposes. They always existed besides cpus and "outperformed" them.
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    Best 2.5" SAS HD 2+TB (used)?

    There are no 3tb sas 2.5" hdds (yet), the largest are 2.4TB (Seagate Exos E 10E2400 and Toshiba Enterprise Performance AL15SEB)
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    MDADM RAID6 - unstable behavior
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    MDADM RAID6 - unstable behavior

    @acquacow didn't you guys from fusionio used mdadm to build systems with 200+ GByte/s throughput?
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    10gb direct connection of 3 servers and two DS4243s

    Until you need to add another host :D
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    MDADM RAID6 - unstable behavior

    Are you actually suggesting such a setup after posting that "raid 6 is not made for more than 6-8 devices"? :oops: