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    HP DL580 Gen10 Quad Gold 6230 256GB Ram for $11567 in CDW Outlet

    Probably only one of these available and just from some quick searches on the CPU and RAM costs, you're basically paying for the CPU and RAM and getting the rest of it for free: It's an...
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    16TB WD Easystore External USB 3.0 Hard Drive $254.99 @ Best Buy

    Found out from another site that also said there was free shipping--I didn't check that part out: It's apparently also available on ebay from BB at the same prices, so those with ebay...
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    WTB: Memory Storage/Shipping Trays

    I need to get more organized and was trying to come up with ways of doing it and thought these might help. Anyone have a bunch of these they're getting rid of? I can send you a prepaid UPS label or pay if that works better for you. Shipping to 35613 and payment via paypal preferred (but I...
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    WTT:16x 32GB LRDIMMs for 16x 32GB RDIMMs

    So I somehow mixed up PC3L-14900r and PC3-14900L in my head and got the wrong ram for my R710 and R410. :confused: I have 16 of the following: HP Part# 712384-081 Samsung m386b4g70dm0-cma4qm 32gb 4rx4 pc3-14900L-13-12-c0 I would ideally like to trade for 16 of the following: 32gb 4rx4...
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    How To Use SFP with Dell Powerconnect 2748 and 2724

    I've got both of these in unmanaged mode and have some dac cables. The link on the sfp ports will flash for a bit when the 2724 is rebooted, but then once booted they go silent and no traffic is passed. Will sfp and dac only work in managed mode? Do sfps in general only work in managed...
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    Sophos SG-230?

    Anyone familiar with these? Do they require subscriptions to work or do they have some basic features like nat, ipsec tunnels, etc out of the box. Thank you in advance!
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    EU [UK] WD 12TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive £159.99 (£13.33/TB)

    Just saw this on datahorder: " This is the second lowest price it's been at. It fell to £154.99 last month for a very short time and I missed that deal." [EU/UK] WD 12TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive...
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    ASUS LGA3647 ATX Motherboard $236 in CDW Outlet

    It took a while for this to come down to this price and I believe it's got a few more drops to go, but it's sitting at below most used prices at this point so I thought it would be worth it to post it: ASUS Z11PA-U12 LGA 3647 ATX MB (BSTK - Z11PA-U12-BSTK - Z - CDW Internal Use/Service Pts -...
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    APC RBC140 for $130 + ship in CDW Outlet

    I don't know how many of you out there have UPS units large enough to use these batteries, but if you do, these are at a super discount from the normal $400+ that they go for. There's a lot of these in stock, but I don't think they'll stay in the outlet longer than Friday since the price is...
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    Supermicro PWS-406P-1R for $48 + ship at Connection

    I ran into this while looking for something else. It's open box and doesn't come with the full 1yr warranty, but is pretty dang cheap compared to the $100+ for a new one and it looks like they have a few of them: Open Box Supermicro 400W Redundant Short Depth High Efficiency, (PWS-406P-1R)
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    HP ML110 G10 for $589 in CDW Outlet

    HP part number is P03684-S01 and this is cheaper than anywhere else I've found it although not by a significant amount...yet (outlet prices continue to drop until sold or liquidated): HPE ML110 GEN10 3104 NHP ETY US SRV - P03684-S01-BSTK - Z - CDW Internal Use/Service Pts - Condition is...
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    HP ML30 G10 for $374 in CDW Outlet

    HP part number is P06781-001 and I can't find it for anywhere near this low: HPE ML30 GEN10 E-2124 8G NHP ETY NA - P06781-001-BSTK - Z - CDW Internal Use/Service Pts - Condition is probably open box, clearance or even bnib. Qty is probably one and I would call and confirm stock and...
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    Xeon Gold 5122 for $ 790 in CDW Outlet

    Just saw these in the CDW Outlet when looking for something else. Normal CDW caveats apply--open box, clearance condition or could even be bnib, and all with full manufacturer's warranty and CDW return policy. Call to check stock and place a phone order vs online. Usually only one qty per cdw...
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    Lite-on DS-8ABSH Slim DVD $7.05 shipped

    PROVANTAGE: LiteON DS-8ABSH Slim 8x/8x/5x DVD-RW (Dual) -SATA **OPEN BOX** These are open box at Provantage and are under full warranty since they're an authorized Lite On seller. Shipping included. Great for replacing server drives that have gone bad or having a few spares around.
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    Supermicro X10SRA-F-O for $183 + ship in CDW Outlet

    Not sure how many of these they have, but for open box/bnib this price beats anything I could find even after factoring in $20 for shipping: SUPERMICRO X10SRA C612 LGA2011 R3 (B - MBD-X10SRA-F-O-BSTK - Z - CDW Internal Use/Service Pts - I wouldn't order this online, but call in and...
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    Intel Cable Management Arm AXX3U5UCMA $7.72

    Ran across this and while it's for older servers, someone out there might want it for $7.72 shipped. 10 available open box condition: PROVANTAGE: Intel AXX3U5UCMA Rack Cable Management-Arm for AXX3U5UPRAIL SEALED **OPEN BOX** Product info from Intel that shows compatible chassis: Rack Cable...
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    Some SAS Cards

    I found these in the CDW outlet for 50% of even ebay prices so maybe they're useful to somebody. Call to order them as stock isn't always accurate for outlet items. Item condition is open-box to bnib with full warranty and cdw return policy. Dell 405-AAES 12gbps hba exteral for $44: DELL SAS...
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    Synology FS2017 24-Bay Flashstation $2972

    Found this open box while looking for something else and the price seems to be quite a bit lower than what it would be new: PROVANTAGE: Synology FS2017 Synology 24-Bay NAS Flashstation FS2017 (Diskless) **OPEN BOX** Only 1 available, it's open box, and has the full manufacturer warranty. And...
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    16TB SAS Seagate Exo $374 in CDW Outlet

    I'm shocked that these are still in the outlet and someone hasn't already bought them at this price since these drives are usually $500+/ea: SEAGATE 16TB 7.2K 3.5IN SAS HDD (BST - ST16000NM002G-BSTK - Z - CDW Internal Use/Service Pts - SEAGATE 16TB 7.2K 3.5IN SAS HDD (BST -...
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    Slickdeals $3 ebay Coupon

    So this is something I've heard about before but never got a chance to use--a custom one-off $3 off ebay coupon for registered slickdeals users: Slickdeals: The Best Deals, Coupons, Promo Codes & Discounts Code is valid until 9-30-2019 so just 3 days.