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    Dell R730xd SFF 3,5" midbay possible?

    Hi guys. I have a Dell R730xd with 24*2,5" SAS drives in front. I have seen that Dell sold these machines new in the LFF format with 12*3,5" in front, and optional 4*3,5" in midbay. Based on my research, i have the avaliable ports on my motherboard to connect this midbay to, and if i need...
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    HDD support in Dell EqualLogic PS6010 24x3,5" SAN

    Hi. I have the possibility of getting one of these SAN's with 10G networking for very cheap, but i cannot fin any info on supported HDD size except for the OEM info from Dell wich from my understanding only tells what Dell sold them with, and not the maximal supported HDD size. Does anyone here...
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    Direct 10G to NAS + LAN 1G issues

    Hi. My fileserver is a Dell R730xd running Windows Server 2019 (2x 10GbE & 2x 1GbE QLogic BCM57800 network cards) My workstation is running Windows 10 (1x 10GbE Aquantia 10G & 1x 1GbE Intel I211 network cards) Both machines has a normal 1GbE network to my network. IP's provided by DHCP. They...