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    Fun with an MD1200/MD1220 & SC200/SC220

    Regarding the md1200 emms in an md3200, it won't just work. Here are a couple threads explaining that the backplane actually has a setting that needs changed for it to work as you expect.
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    Dell Compellent SC200 enclosure?

    Hey, I have the Dell MD1200 and it is not compatible with 4KN drives. Can anyone here chime in on whether the SC200 has issues with them? Example: This drive does NOT work HUH728080AL4200 This drive DOES HUH728080AL5200
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    SC846 in a Netshelter CX Mini?

    Would love to see some photos of this enclosure. Not many detailed photo reviews out there of it. How big/loud are the enclosure fans?
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    CSE-836 + CSE-PTJBOD-CB1

    Yea, its slightly frustrating! I only need 4 of them. If you are able to find any I would greatly appreciate you sending them and I can shoot you any payment necessary via paypal or google wallet.
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    CSE-836 + CSE-PTJBOD-CB1

    Anyone else have access to these? I tried contacting my MidWest regional SuperMicro dealer, the one I actually bought my JBOD board from and they don't seem to know what these screws are.