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    Help! Added drives to R720xd/H710 mini but OS cannot mount them

    Last night I had the brilliant idea of adding some nearly full 3.5" drives to my R720xd/H710 mini. I hit CTRL+R after boot screen, added the Virtual Disks one at a time as single RAID 0 VDs. I did not check the initialize box as these drives already have data on them. I installed Debian 10 on...
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    [Solved] Brocade ICX6610-48P PoE Errors

    I bought a used ICX-6610 from eBay but it turns out the PoE board was shot (had a hole in an IC and a blown transistor on the PoE board). Despite this, I was able to update the firmware and image and PoE firmware but the error persisted and of course the error blocked the output of commands...