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  1. C

    PCIe Bifurcation on Supermicro x9dr7-ln4f

    I'm trying to set the pcie bifurcation option on an x16 slot to x4x4x4x4. I've updated to the latest BIOS (3.3) and the options are present in BIOS but when I try to change the option from x16, the only choice is x16. All the other slots are the same - they only have the one option they are...
  2. svtkobra7

    SMCI X9 Bifurcation I Why some boards but not all ?

    I don't mean to beat a dead horse as this topic has been much discussed (190 search results), but it seems as though there is not a definitive answer as to the question: Do SMCI X9 motherboards support bifurcation? Answers to that question run the gamut: (1) "Hell Yeah," (2) "Only on days that...
  3. N

    Does this mobo support bifurcation for SSD?

    I have this motherboard: Supermicro | Products | Motherboards | Xeon® Boards | X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD In the manual, it does list bifurcation control: And in BIOS, I do see the setting for it. I thinking about getting 2x PM953 and this card: Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products | Accessories |...
  4. K

    SMCI X9 Bifurcation I Why some boards but not all ?

    The PCIe bifurcation on X9DRi-LN4F+ works fine while X9DR3-F does not work at all. Unlike other boards make the bifurcation hidden in setup, Supermicro X9 boards setup does provide the options and they change the bios variable properly, but it only takes effect on some model. Update: I emailed...
  5. A

    SMCI NVMe Rear Hot Swap Drive Kit - Any Experience with Thermals?

    I have a few different X9 motherboard and since the latest 3.3 bios update, they all seems to support bifurcation in the bios. However I have not tried using any of those PCI express break out card from supermicro so I am not sure if it actually works.
  6. R

    Canada [CLOSED] FS:[CAN-ON] Supermicro X9 Dual Socket Motherboard Bundles

    Hi everyone, Hope you're all safe and well, and thanks for checking out this post. I have two Supermicro X9 bundles for sale. Details below, but a few points: Prices are in USD Open to offers, as long as reasonable. Paypal with invoice is my accepted form of payment. Shipping is not included...
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    m.2 PCIe adapter in Supermicro x9 motherboards?

    I apologize for bumping, but this seems to be the go-to spot for X9 bifurcation issues. I've got an X9QRi-F+ and the manual mentions bifurcation options but I can only select x4, x8, and x16 on the PCIe mode selections. Here's a link to the board: Supermicro | Products | Motherboards | Xeon®...
  8. M

    Supermicro X9DRT-F, PCI-E Bifurcation?

    I've got the newest BIOS, which is 3.2 from 2015. Unlike a lot of other X9 series, they don't seem to have issued a more recent update. For the other DP X9 board I had, I recall that bifurcation was available in 3.2, even though there's a newer BIOS for it now. I asked Supermicro if a newer...
  9. R

    What's the go-to NVMe AIC

    AOC-SLG3-2E4T ($100 at wz) + 2* $15 at supermicro's ?;) Will run a single drive in a x9 only I assume due to missing bifurcation support but good invest for the future
  10. K

    SMCI X9 Bifurcation I Why some boards but not all ?

    I believe it is not related to the chipset uplink port. Many X9DRi-F (C602) users also say their bifurcation is not working, like this post on STH, that post on STH, another post on STH, and this post on HardForum. There is also a FAQ on this issue. Supermicro tech support told me that "The...
  11. C

    m.2 PCIe adapter in Supermicro x9 motherboards?

    I have 2 of them running with 2 drives each on an X9DRD-7LN4F-JBOD. I had to enable x4x4 PCIE bifurcation on CPU 1 slot 1 (furthest from the CPUs) and x4x4x4x4 on CPU 1 slot 2 (it is an x8 slot the "x4x4x8" selection did not work).
  12. james23

    adding nvme to X9 board via NVMe HBA (supermicro AOC-SLG3-4X4P )

    so im kind of thinking out loud here, but i would really like to make use of some of the pcie lanes on my X9DR3-LN4F+ rev 1.20 , to run a few NVMe drives (u.2 2.5"). I know this board does not support pcie bifuracation, else this would be pretty easy! (ive read the threads where some...
  13. J

    Supermicro X9DRi-F - Xeon E5 v2 support?

    Digging this thread for a bit, I too am trying to get bifurcation to work on X9. Did you have any luck? X9DRI-F here.
  14. M

    Need a 2U riser

    If you're trying to use a riser card to split a single PCIe x8 slot into multiple slots (two PCIe x4 for example), I don't think that's possible with an X9SCL. That board doesn't support slot bifurcation on its own. The most you can do with a standard Supermicro riser is turn one of the x8...
  15. I

    How did I do?

    sorry if I implied the cpu standoffs could stay in as they definitely need to be removed I meant that by mistake I tried to use them as standoffs and they do not work. SM X9 support for bifurcation is spotty - there are good resources in the cpu and mothboard forum. I have had good success with...
  16. M

    Supermicro X9DRi-F - Xeon E5 v2 support?

    Hi, I saw you mentioned trying to get PCI-e Bifurcation working on your Supermicro X9 ... have you had any success? I just posted in another thread: "I have a X9DR7-LN4F with Bios 3.3, and although bifurcation settings are visible, when I try to change x16 for instance, x16 is the only option I...
  17. B

    Supermicro X9DRi-F - Xeon E5 v2 support?

    Unfortunately not. I do actually have options visible for my 16x slots and even some of the 8x slots, but none appear to be functional.
  18. M

    NVMe boot with SuperMicro X9DA7 & X9DRi-F

    Hi, I noticed that several people here mentioned interest or attempts to Bifurcate Supermicro X9 series pcie for use with Asus Hyper M2 x16 or similar. I've been searching everywhere for a way to get this working; has anyone had success? How did you enable the hidden settings? Did you use...
  19. svtkobra7

    SMCI X9 Bifurcation I Why some boards but not all ?

    And I even tried to prempt the old tech comment (because I saw it coming 4,635 miles away!) ;) Sorry ... to ensure clarity, are you suggesting that these points make bifurcating difficult, or they make answering the question difficult, i.e. what attributes might exist that allow an X9 to...
  20. R

    SMCI X9 Bifurcation I Why some boards but not all ?

    O/c I can't I am not an expert in ancient history ;) But from my experiences with bifurcation on x10 boards I would say there is no guarantee that a common rule exists between all x9 boards. Basically this is made difficult by the problems mentioned in success story #4, which matches my...