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    [WTB] 16-18 14TB SAS or SATA hard drives

    prices are still high, so I figure this is a bit of a long shot, but I'm looking to buy 16-18 14TB drives for use in my homelab ceph cluster for $250 per drive (i.e. $4500 for 18 $4000 for 16). anyone interested in making a sale on these terms?
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    FS: 18 14TB White Label Seagate Exos x14 SAS drive - $7600

    I was planning on kitting out 3 12 bay servers with 36 drives, but was a bit slow (was waiting on taxes) and only bought half the drives I wanted before chia hit. I can use them, but figure they might be of more value to others. They are located in MD (very close to DC/beltway, if you want to...
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    WTT: SX6036 reverse air flow (power->connectors) for normal air flow (connectors->power) parts

    I have an sx6036 that is the "normal" configuration (meant to be mounted on front of rack. I'm looking for someone who has the reversed air flow one (meant to be mounted on back of rack) and is willing to trade the parts that would switch ours. Feel its a long shot, but no harm in asking. The...
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    possible to easily/safely flip fan direction on an sx6036?

    i have a sx6036 that front to back airflow and as I wanted it mounted on the back of my rack (short direct attach cables), it probably be best if it was reversed (though for a home lab probably not the biggest deal). Wondering if its possible to flip them easily/safely?
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    oracle f80 / nytro warp drive "trim count" meaning?

    while most of the the health results are relatively self explanatory, I was wondering if people knew what "trim count" meant. i.e. I'm seeing Trim Count 76554240 for all 4 SSDs (but part of a single 800GB raid) in ddcli's health check. thanks
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    mellanox default ip address

    so it seems the serial console port on my sx6036 might be busted (at least I don't have a serial cable that seems to be able to get anything out of it). However, with a bit of digging with wireshark, it appears the default ip is (technically netmask, but it seemed to work...
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    bootstrapping an sx6036 without a usb serial cable

    Is it possible to get this thing bootstrapped (i.e. some static ip that the management port will come up as, that can then be used to configure dhcp?) or do I just have to bite the bullet and buy a usb->rj45 serial cable? (cisco?)
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    installing cage nuts?

    anyone have a way to install cage nuts easily? I see there are tools I can buy for $15-$20, but wondering if there was a cheaper way for something I dont have to do that often
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    deal discussion forum for when deals are no longer available?

    might it be nice to have a separate forum where great deals can be archived when they are no longer avialable so that people can continue discussing them in thread, but they don't clutter the great deals forum and people can more easily tell what's alive?
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    My R710 Rails are too long, what can I do?

    So, I was stupid and didn't measure before I bought the Dell B1 rails, but if I would have looked closely at I would have seen that just because the B6 rails for the R720 fit in the rack...
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    power cable length for a top mounted pdu in a half rack (20-22u I believe)

    Any recommendations for would be an appropriate power cable length for me to buy to work with servers in a half rack so that they can be pulled out without being disconnected. In this case, I bought a c13/19 pdu (old US apc ap7811, which the end will be cut off and replaced with a euro plug)...
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    apc kvm switch and cables

    I'm pondering buying a used apc kvm switch (ap5202) and am trying to understand what cables I can buy for it. It looks like it has a single vga port on the back and from what I can tell there is a breakout cable that one gets that splits it into vga / usb or vga/ps2. Is this a standard (i.e...
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    WTB - HP DL380P G8 Riser (2)

    I got 2 HP DL380Ps with only the primary riser, wondering if anyone in the US has 2 that they are willing to part for for cheap, otherwise I'd probably just get it off of ebay for cheap, but figured I'd throw it out here first. as an aside, I'm sort of amused in how the riser's slot is just an...
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    Building a hyperconverged cluster with K8S support?

    Is their any system good for a homelab where one can have 4 2u machines with gobs of storage that are clustered together into a iaas (ala proxmox), but with the ability to easily spin up k8s clusters on demand and scale them as needed up and down, but also to have easy access to the cluster's...
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    anyone know anything about the ANM24PE16

    It seems "affordable" for a 4x nvme on a pci-e x16 slot with a plx chip. wondering if anyone has played with it.
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    patch panel usage/value (not monetary, practicality)

    this is a naive question, but as I am I'm new to managing a homelab with many physically connected devices, I'm trying to understand the value of a patch panel. In my naiveity I see 2 possible values, but am probably missing things 1) the patch panel is cheap. instead of having cables that...
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    Mellanox SX60xx rails unsure if this is for 1 or 2 sets (i.e. l/r rails). I think 2. pretty good price for those of us with the switch
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    is5030 vs sx3036?

    what should I know about the differences between the 2? they seem very similiar (an advantage of the is is that it rails seems to be cheaper on the secondary market). it seems more people use the sx3036 here, is there a reason for that? is the is5030 not as easily licensable to ethernet or...
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    thin client setup that allows video conferencing (and general video/youtube playback).

    There have been a number of thin clients that have been listed in the great deals section that people are using as servers, I'm trying to figure out if I can make a vdi setup for my elderly parents that would provide for their needs (if they can use zoom and video/youtube, everything else should...
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    WTB: r720xd flexbay with cables for 3.5" chassis

    Wondering if anyone has the r720xd flexbay (with cables) that they would be willing to part with for $40ish (lower is better obviously). I can get it for $45 shipped on ebay (it was $42, but seller raised his prices), but figure I'd try homelab forums first.