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    Hba with external ports

    Hey guys I currently have 3 servers that i am trying to consolidate my resources into. 1u - dual 2670's 64gb ram 4u - Norco 4224 - 22 drives - dual 2670's 64gb ram - imb m1015 with HP sas expander 4u - Norco 4220 - 20 drives - dual L5640's 48gb ram - ibm m1015 with Intel sas expander I want...
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    slow transfers over 10gb - maybe system / setup issues

    Hey guys so i have some extra hardware i am playing around with right now and having some issues. I am testing 10gb file transfer speeds and they are way lower then im wanting / expecting Here is my test setup Server: Asus Z8na-d6c dual L5520's 16gb ram Intel X520 10gb card connected over a...
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    [f/s] [wtt] Ibm M5014

    Hey guys wanting to get rid of my Ibm M5014 for a HBA or alike. Card Has the full Bracket no bbu / cables included. Card has been flashed over to 9260-8I and has worked without any issues. Price: $110 Shipped or Trade or Trade plus $$ if you have something better.
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    WTB - Dual Socket 1366 Board & Cpu's

    Hey guys Im looking for a Dual Socket 1366 board and a couple CPU's w/wo Heatsinks. Let me know what ya have and what you want for it. Ive priced out a few things on ebay i can grab, but figured i would see if someone has anything laying around they would like to sell.
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    Esxi and M1015 Passthrough

    Hey guys trying to enable passthrough for my M1015 that i flashed to IR mode. The card works without any issues in Esxi 5.5u2 I can make datastores and use them without any issues however when i enable Passthough i reboot the machine and when it comes back up it just says reboot to enable...
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    Unraid and Brocade 1020

    I have an extra Brocade 1020 laying around and i would like to put it in my Unraid Box, but running into some issues. Has anyone gotten this card running in unraid.Im sure im missing something stupid but ive been reading for hours and figured i would make a post. I see that the card is...