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    Intel 8x NVMe 2.5" U.2 Hot Swap Bay - $120 seller offer

    Intel A2U8X25S3PHS 2U Hot-swap 8x2.5inch SAS/NVMe Combo Drive Bay Kit NEW 735858344852 | eBay I had the item on my watchlist for a future build, and the seller sent me an offer to buy for $120. At that price, I pulled the trigger. There are 8 left as of right now, if anyone else wants to...
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    Best way to update bios/firmware on HP DL380 Gen9?

    Hi all, I recently picked up my first HP server, a DL389g9. I'm trying to update the bios in preparation for upgrading from V3 to V4 CPUs, but it's turning out to be surprisingly difficult. I downloaded HP's service pack, which is theoretically bootable from a USB stick, but I haven't...