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    Supermicro A2SDI Atom c3000 active coolers for 1U chassis?

    I've been searching around with no results so far. Is there a 1U heatsink and blower that will directly bolt on to the mount plate of the Supermicro A2SDI c3000 series?
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    Choosing a compatible M.2?

    I'm trying to make heads or tails out of available M.2 ssd's for the Supermicro A2Di-4C-HLN4F.cfm board. I basically don't want to buy a feature that will never be utilized because the ssd I choose will live and die with the board. A2SDi-4C-HLN4F | Motherboards | Products - Super Micro...
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    Black Diamond? SSD and memory "proven manufacturer"??

    I've been around the I.T. industry a while (at least a week now!) with years of personal and corporate shopping for server and desktop components.... and I've never seen or heard of these guys until recently. Black Diamond Memory|About Us The claim of "decades of experience" and to be "a...
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    Xeon with/without Graphics?

    I'm considering the Supermicro X11SSM-F for a build. * X11SSM-F | Motherboards | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc. Xeon E3-1230 list "no" for the graphics specifications: * Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1230 v6 (8M Cache, 3.50 GHz) Product Specifications I will run headless 99% of the time but...
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    WTB empty 20 pack hard drive packing

    Moving soon and I need to box up the items in my basement. I'm looking for some of those bulk pack hard drive cardboard boxes with slotted inserts to put my drives in. Probably 3 or 4 of them. Tell me what you've got and how much. I'm in zip code 48603.
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    jac's F/S thread

    I have some previously loved Gruber rack rails for sale as featured here: Gruber Rackmount Rails Asking $20 + shipping from zip 48603.
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    Areca disk order and reconstituting a failed array?

    I used to utilize a hot spare and after some past disk failures my Areca disk order is not easy for me to sort which disk is on which port. I have two raid5 raidsets. Raid Set #00 (5 spindles) and Raid Set #01 (6 spindles). Raid Set #01 had a mechanical failure (buzzing noise) logged as...
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    LSI CacheVault?

    I'm new to this CacheVault add-on. Been reviewing some youtube marketing fluff but still confused. Can they be connected to most LSI cards or only a select few? Will it attach to their 24 port card? Does it just plug in where the BBU normally goes?
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    Running Hyper-V 2012 from USB flash?

    Anyone booting Hyper-V from a USB flash device like an 8 or 16 GB HP v125w USB 2.0 device? Is there a way to protect your Hyper-V configuration when the USB stick dies? E.g. copy some files somewhere and stuff those files back onto a new USB stick when the first one dies?
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    Testing disks in Windows 2008 R2

    Using an Areca controller, I have the Windows 2008 R2 operating system boot volume separated from my data volume. I have a separate system for backing up that data volume, I just want to lessen the chance of these new disks dying at launch. Is there a Windows based tool you'd recommend be run...
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    Dell R610 PERC + FastPath?

    I think I want to put a pair of SATA SSD's (raid 1) in a Dell R610 that has a PERC controller. These would be the only drives on the system. The role of the R610 is as a 2003/xenapp 4.5 terminal server. Can you buy a FastPath feature key from a generic vendor like and plug it in...
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    SSDs are known for their reliability...

    Last two paragraphs of page 3.... Do you agree? Are SSD's reliable to a point you are happily installing them in non-RAID configurations for production data?