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    S2D parity read speed vs single server parity

    Has anybody had any experience with a 7 node S2D using parity? I have not been able to find any sort of comparative benchmarks on the read performance vs what a single server with Storage Spaces and drives in parity. I have 45x 10TB drives in a dual parity setup with journal drives on WS2019...
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    Tiered Storage Space writing to slow tier (Server2019)

    I setup a tiered storage space with 45x 10TB drives and 3x NVMe 1.6TB SS's. The writes were slow and looking into it a bit it seems the writes all land on the slow tier instead of the fast tier. I have tried with ReFS and NTFS and the results are the same. Any suggestions?
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    For FFMPEG (x265) are 4 x 4650 v2 > 2 x 2680 v2?

    Hi, I am struggling to find enough information to make an educated choice as there is not many bench marks for quad socket systems. As x265 encoding is NUMA aware, are 4 x E5-4650 v2's better for encoding x265 then 2 x 2680 v2's? When I looked at the PassMark listing for Multi CPU's I was a bit...
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    S2D slow write (no parity & NVMe cache)

    With S2D I am getting terrible writes no matter what I try. This is not a post about slow writes because of a parity setup as I have my stuff configured as all mirror. It seems like the cache devices are never written to. At first I thought I needed to use SOFS but I am using this in a hyper...
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    Hard Disk Sentinel and HDD Guardian conflicting

    Hi, I purchased some used Samsung MZ7WD480's a while ago and finally got around to checking them out. HDD Guardian freaked me out because it says all the drives have 1% remaining life and then I checked them out with Hard Disk Sentinel and it puts them at 99% health (based on #177 Wear...
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    Server Cable Management (SM and others)

    Hi, Please forgive my general ignorance as I have limited exposure to servers. I have 4x SuperMicro 2U servers (6027R-ER12N) and some other generic cases. At work I have only ever setup Dell servers and I like the cable management arm that we order with those servers. Is there such a thing as...
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    Storage Spaces (Server2016) with lots of disks

    Hi, I have about 40-50 3TB drives and my plan was to have them connected in a giant pool with much of it being used as 20-40TB virtual disks created as dual parity. I was planning on leaving about 10TB RAW free on the storage space so that on a disk failure storage spaces would have enough room...
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    Setup for torrents (thrashing)

    Hi, I am trying to figure out the best setup for torrents. The space needs to be big, at least 2TB and reasonably quick. There are multiple torrent machines using the drives and previously I had issues with my torrent client throttling back because the drives couldn't keep up. Let me start by...
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    WTB 6x or 8x, NVMe (M.2 ?)

    Hi, I am looking to buy 6, or maybe 8, NVMe drives for cache drives on a 4 node cluster. I currently have 2 x SM961 256GB drives that I could re-task and I also have 2 x 256GB MyDigital NVMe drives that I could also re-task to add to the 6 new ones I am looking to buy. Speed is more important...
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    Storage Spaces with different size HDD's

    Hi, I am going to setup storage spaces direct and I will have 16 4TB HDD's between 4 nodes. For most of the storage I would like to use dual parity. I have some 3TB drives and if I add them to the pool will it limit the 4TB drives to only 3TB of usable space? Thanks.
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    Help selecting NVMe drives to finish build

    Hi, I could use some advice with my home build. I was going to pick up 6 more M.2 NVMe SSD’s and then I saw a post on here and I realized, once again, that I am probably about to make a bad bang for the buck decision. tl;dr Are there data center pull’s of NVMe drives that are of good quality...
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    QDR Active cables connecting at SDR speeds

    Hi, Like many first time posters I have been a long time lurker and have used the forum for a source of knowledge but I have run into a problem that I can't google myself out of. Thanks to everyone on here who contributes to the knowledge base. I was looking to crank up the speed on my home...