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    nvme hw raid at 300Gbps R/W

    After tweaking for a couple of weeks and thanks to a lot of help from folks on this forum, I was able to finally optimize some of my testing. The main test case was trying to sort out the potential bottlenecks of the dell perc h755n. In parallel, I had a project for work that was just trying...
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    Dell perc h755n- nvme hw raid

    I am trying to get some confirmation on how many pci lanes this raid card allocates to each of the 8 supported nvme drives. To me it seems like there is a bottleneck of only 8 lanes between all 8 drives and the CPUs. I can't get any clear answer from Dell. This is on a dell r7525 with their...
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    (SOLD) FS (US) 2 x amd epyc 7742 (Retail and not vendor locked)

    Hello, I finally found a couple of milan 7763 chips that I have been searching for awhile. Now I need to sell my rome 7742 chips. These are in perfect condition and are the retail version (not es/qs). They were used in my Tyan Transport HX DP system which does not do any vendor locking...
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    truenas with new intel p5800x optane

    Hello, I am looking to get some help with optimization of a new truenas single server setup. The drives that are currently available include the following: 1. intel p5800x 800GB optane drive 2. samsung pm1735 3.2TB pcie 4.0 nvme 3. 2 x seagate ironwolf pro 10TB 4. server with amd epyc rome 7742...
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    romed8 and vega frontier gpu

    I am building a w10 workstation with a romed8 mb and an amd radeon frontier gpu. I also have a dual monitor setup with a 5K 49" as the primary and a 27"1080P as the secondary. I had this working properly in the previous mb (sm h11dsi). The issue I have now is that after I install the amd...
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    200GE Mellanox NICs and vmware

    just a heads up that vmware 7.0U2 now finally supports the full 200GE for the mellanox connectx-6 NICs. for the past 2 years, vmware would only support 100Gbps on these 200Gbps NICs. Most linux distros supported the full 200Gbps for a while but vmware did not.
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    any m-atx amd epyc naples motherboards?

    I have an another odd use case for a m-atx size motherboard for the 7001 series of amd epyc cpus. I have a couple of the asrock rack m-atx amd rome based motherboards but I am looking for a m-atx for the naples cpu. Thanks for any help, jp
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    how do you turn off pci nic oprom during boot on asrock rack

    Most MBs have a way of shutting off the boot from nic option in the bios. I haven't been able to find that option with some new asrock rack MBs. I went through most of the bios and still could not find a way to turn it off. It cycle through all of the pci nics with the flex boot configuration...
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    PCI ARI Forwarding

    I recently got an asrock rack rome8 mb and am having a similar issue as I have seen with several other mbs. When I try to configure sriov on a dual port nic in vmware, it acts like it is configuring sriov with a certain # of VFs. However, it keeps reverting back to 0 VFs and the VFs never...
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    cheapest 100GE unmanaged switch?

    I am trying to find the easiest way to configure a 100GE unmanaged switch. I don't need all of the fancy sdn functions of most of the onie switches but can't seem to find a simple 100GE switch. I have seen some pretty cheap edge-core switches on ebay which have been suggested in some of the...
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    7H12 in small form factor custom build

    Just finished the latest raptor build using the amd epyc 7h12 cpu that Patrick just wrote about. specs: 7h12 cpu supermicro h12ssw-in 256GB 3200MHz ram Mellanox connectx-6dx dual port 100GE ultra compact custom case built by NFC Systems
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    FS: [US-WA] AMD EPYC 7742 Retail $3k including fedex shipping.

    I am upgrading my epyc 7742 retail cpus to the 7h12 versions. I am selling one of the 7742 in perfect condition. I only used it briefly to test in my vmware 7.0 setup using the tyan s8030 to ensure everything was perfect. I am asking $3k and will include fedex shipping. I just paid a lot...
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    cpu raid on 4 nvme m.2 using epyc rome cpu?

    I posted this same message in the mb and processors forum but wanted to also see if anyone had any suggestions here. I have an asus hyper m.2 x16 gen 4 card. I have 4 m.2 pcie 4.0 ssds. I only have a few amd epyc rome cpus with several pcie 4.0 compliant motherboards. this add in card...
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    cpu nvme raid with epyc rome?

    I recently purchased an asus hyper m.2 x16 gen 4 card. this card holds 4 m.2 ssds and is pcie 4.0 x16. It is meant to be used in the latest gen threadripper cpus like the 3990x. apparently there is some setting in the bios that allows the cpu to perform sw based raid on the 4 nvme drives...
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    Mellanox 200GE NICS

    Does anyone know where to purchase any of the mellanox 200G NICS? Any experience that they could share as well?
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    mini-itx 28c and dual 100GE

    Just finished my raptor extreme project. intel platinum 28c, mellanox connectx-5 dual 100GE nic in a custom sff mini-itx case: Imgur silent, powerful, and not ugly!!! jp next project: epyc rome 64c, supermicro proprietary mb, pcie 4.0, mellanox connectx-6 dual 100GE pcie 4.0 nic in an even...
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    supermicro H11DSi-NT 10G temperature

    I have a sm h11dsi-nt dual epyc mb that has 2 onboard 10GbaseT ports. The heatsink for these ports gets very hot. unfortunately the placement of the heatsink makes it very difficult to place any fans. I wound up placing a small fan directly on top of the heatsink but that blocks a couple of...
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    boot with nvme m.2 in hpdl380 g10

    I am trying to get an hp dl380 g10 to boot off of a samsung evo 950 m.2 ssd. There are a couple of m.2 slots that are built into the riser in the back but I heard that they were only sata based. I then tried to install the m.2 onto a pci card but still can't find the settings to allow this ssd...
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    setting ipmi fan sensor threshold to 0 for fans that auto stop

    I am trying to get an ek mlc water cooler to work on a supermicro h11ssl-nc mb. the ek radiator has the new vardar evo fans that completely shutoff when the temps on the cpu go down. I have been able to adjust the fan sensors via the ipmiutil for fans that spin slow but not that completely...
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    EPYC ES and stock 7551 Clock Questions

    Hello All, I recently started to test a few of the EPYC 7551 CPUS. They show a base frequency of 2K but run at 3K at idle. they also show a 30x multiplier and 100MHz FSB. As the system is put under stress (various benchmarks) the frequency drops to appox. 2.5K. Is this normal? I was...