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    WTB: FreeNAS Device

    I am looking to put a FreeNAS device offsite for backups. Performance really isn't an issue. I am looking to buy a box that can handle 4 3.5" drives. More compact is better, but not a big concern. I am hoping I can find something ready to go, and avoid the hassle of researching...
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    Unable to get link between 2 HP 649281-B21

    I recently purchased 3 HP 649281-B21: HP 656089-001 Infiniband 10/40GB DP NIC 649281-B21+ QSFP /SFP's | eBay 649281-B21 656089-001 661685-001 HP IB FDR/EN 10/40GB 2P 544QSFP ADAPTER I am connecting all 3 together with 3 cables: QSFP+ to QSFP+ 40Gb Passive DAC Copper Infiniband...
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    Hypervisor Comparison

    This may not be the correct place for this, but I'd love to see a comparison between some of the popular Hypervisors. Of most interest is ESXi 6.5 vs Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016 with a linux guest. Perhaps my Google-fu is failing me, but I cannot locate one online. If all else fails, I...
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    FreeNAS 9.3 & 10Gbe

    I am looking to add 10GBe between two Hyper-V hosts and my FreeNAS setup. What cards do we like on the FreeNAS side? I have heard some iffy information on the Intel cards. I would prefer 10GBASE-T, since that seems the simplest. What is working well for everybody?
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    Hyperconverged Storage Solutions for 3-4 Node Cluster

    I am thinking about putting together a small cluster to replace an again, single server. For such a small setup, storage becomes problematic. However, I want to retain the benefits of shared storage. That is why I am drawn to hyperconverged solutions. Cost is always a concern. Our storage...
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    Architecture for small (~5 VM) operation

    Hello, I am looking to replace the infrastructure for a small, 10 client network. At the moment, the office is ran by a single server, performing AD, Exchange, and file sharing. Any redundancy is handled at the hardware level (dual PSU, RAID, etc). However, we might have some future roles...
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    Quiet Rackmount Server

    I am looking for a nice quiet server for the home. It will be in the utility room, so it doesn't have to be silent, but it is next to the theater room. Rackspace is not an issue. I am looking for something reasonably powerful (thinking 32 GB of RAM, etc.), to run a few miscellaneous VMs. As...
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    Split 1/3 Cabinet (~7U Each for $125/mo) at Continuum in Chicago

    I have a bad habit of collecting hardware, and not really having a use for it. However, with this recent Dell C6100 buzz, I really want to add one of those to my cluster. Therefore, I am seeing if anybody is interested in splitting a 1/3 Cabinet at Continuum Data Center in Chicago. They are...