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    Dell Compellent SC200 enclosure?

    Anyone knows anything about the Sc200? Is it a regular SAS2 backplane DAS or can it only be used with a Dell Compellent controller somehow? How are the noise levels and power usage? The pricing and looks of these is quite attractive.
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    Mezzanine to PCI-E adapters?

    Is there anyway of using mezzanine server cards in regular PCI-E slots? From my understanding mezzanine uses pci-e as the communications protocol and it should be a matter of physical conversion so an adapter wouldn't be unthinkable. Anyone seen one or know whether it's possible? A complication...
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    Newbie question: FC transceivers for Infiniband

    I can get some 4x16bit QSFP transceivers for free, however from my understanding these are originally intended for FC. Does the link protocol really matter? Isn't it just a physical conversion layer and as long as the transfer bitrate keeps up I could use these for QDR Infiniband or do I really...
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    Did I screw up? Fusion-IO

    Hey guys, got a Fusion-IO ioDrive 2 1.2TB for $475, felt like it was a good price so I bit. Was I in the wrong and too eager to get a deal, since I'm having plans on building a bare-metal hypervisor (KVM?) server and passing through that drive along with other PCI-E devices, however it seems...
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    Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN and Windows 10?

    Anyone using Mellanox Connectx-2 EN 10Gb cards with Windows 10 clients? Mellanox doesn't seem to support them with latest drivers and those aren't specifying Windows 10 anyway, so is it possible? Really tempted to go 10Gbit at home, but without support that would be far more expensive for...