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    Quanta D51B-2u PCIE slots

    Anyone know / understand how the Quanta PCIE slots work? I've bought one of these; they have a couple of risers in, one is 2 x 8 slots, the other sports a 1 x 8 slot and a 1 x 16 slot. It was sold on the basis that 2 PCIE slots would work - I have only 1 CPU in at the moment so this may be the...
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    UK HPE MicroServer Gen10 Plus (Pentium Gold G5420) - £377.47 inc. VAT

    I dont think this is a good deal but its cheaper than most sites I think
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    AU Quanta M4600H Ultra-Dense 4U Disk Expansion Unit 60 Bay 2x 6GBPS 60 Trays

    Looks a good price - haven't done any research on this since its in the land of the oz....
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    K8's On VMware

    Hi After some advice - whats the "best" (if any) way to go on a bit pf container action. I've a cluster of a couple of ESXi servers under vCenter on 6.7u2. I'm using a a pair of FusionIO drives with a Storevirtual virtual san (lefthand) to give me a shared storage layer. My identified options...
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    Mikrotik Help

    Hi Picked this up a CRS226-24G-2S+RM a while back, been using it on and off but only put it back into use again recently. I'm not trying to do anything too strenuous, a bit of VLANing and QOS, but I'm continually confused by the multiple ways you can configure some of the options. I've used...
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    X9DRi-LN4F+ continous beeping error puzzle

    Hope someone has cracked this before - if i boot this mobo with a Dell H700 RAID card in it then almost immediately after cards rom ouput there is a continous beep from the system (I think the mobo rather than the card but not sure) - the system is locked (soft because I can switch it off by...
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    recovery of files from network share

    Big of fat fingers. Deleted files from a network share - blew a way a couple of TB. Not the end of the world but any advice on how to get data back from it? Its out of the server - it was just a USB drive mounted in windows with a simple share. The s/w I have used so far shows the files but...
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    Cisco Nexus N5K-C5020P-BF 40-Port 10Gb Switch $75

    Says password reset might be required - there appears to be recovery articles on the net fwiw Cisco Nexus N5K-C5020P-BF 40-Port 10Gb Switch w/ 2x 750W Power Supplies 882658211935 | eBay
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    VSAN 2 Node Cluster

    Wondering if anyone is using it in 6.7 u2 - I really want dedupe but the more I read about it the more it sounds like an over-complex pile of whatever - as it was last time I looked at it. What I'm really interested in is if lose a host for a while does it cope and it is a pain to bring the...
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    Ebay Good Surprise Stories

    I assume most people have had a bad experience or two but any good ones? I bought a couple pf SC847A 4U chassis with 36 drive bays for a storage project off ebay at a reasonable price for the UK. When I opened the first one I was someone surprised to find a supermicro motherboard in there-...
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    PC "macro" Automation

    I want to switch off my main control PC but its a PITA opening everything up again the next day. Has anyone any experience of the Windows macro automation out there that I could use to automate this e..g robotask, winautomation, autohotkey. Or am I missing a trick in going down the ansible route?
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    EU HGST 102 Drive JBOD £650 OBO

    Hi One left... not sure how compatible they are but I've taken a punt
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    EU WD 10TB £159.99 Amazon UK Its a good price for the UK...
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    EU HP ProLiant DL380e G8 25 SFF bays £96.99 / 14LFF £113.99 OBO

    No caddies / 1 cpu / no or limited memory but its a good price in the UK
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    Infinitec Infinite USB

    Has anyone seen a recent implementation of the above I.e a usb drive with it's storage provided via backend storage over WiFi. Infinitec Infinite USB Memory Drive review
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    Unifi AC HD vs Powerline

    Anyone done any real world testing to determine a decent wireless setup vs powerline ethernet adapters? Just wondering!
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    Moving House - Transporting Hard Drives Question

    Hi I am hopefully moving house soon and I have a Supermicro chassis with 45 hard drives. Obviously the easiest way to move this is to move it with the hard drives in the chassis but I'm currently planning to take each drive out and bubble-wrap them individually + transport separate to the...
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    P821 Wierdness

    Normally what happens with HP and unsupported issues. So I've managed to fit a P821 in a HP 380pG8 and I'm using the external ports to connect via a simple hardware SFF8088 to 80878 adapter to drives in a JBOD box. No drives are detected. Bum.. However, if I connect via a HP SAS Expander in...
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    ESXi 6.N SMIS Provider for whitebox server / H700 RAID card

    As per the title - anyone have a working SMIS provider? Tried a few LSI versions but no hard disks in hardware tab so far...
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    VMware Guest RAID pass through question

    Hey Probably a dumb one but here we go... if I pass through a RAID controller to a VM guest and I attach that to an external storage via simple SAS cables if the VM is switched off since the RAID controller still has power does it still manage the raid i.e. if I started pulling drives out would...