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    Mellanox QSA, Accepted USD 12/each for 4

    @zeynel: I think it's quite distasteful to use this forum as a way of snagging all the good deals you get tipped about by kind people to resell at higher prices. IMO this goes against the spirit of helping each other out here, but I guess you don't give a damn about that.
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    Sun Oracle Flash Accelerator F40 400GB PCIe SSD - $99 + 15 BIN

    Since the LSI Nytro Warpdrive seems to be bootable, I was wondering whether this one is as well or if the FW is preventing it? Sorry if it's been asked already.
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    Fusion-IO ioDrive2 1.2tb - $240+$13 shipping

    Do you per chance work at FusionIO? You seem very well informed.
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    Fusion-IO ioDrive2 1.2tb - $240+$13 shipping

    Weird, I definitely get higher benchmarks with increasing the PCI-E power to 75W on my ioDrive 2 1.2TB. Not much, but noticeable.
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    Fusion-IO Firmware Update

    Does anyone know where to find latest firmware and drivers for ioDrive 2? Seems there's an issue on the Sandisk link I used before as it keeps denying me access no matter how many accounts I try to create.
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    Dell Compellent SC200 enclosure?

    Anyone knows anything about the Sc200? Is it a regular SAS2 backplane DAS or can it only be used with a Dell Compellent controller somehow? How are the noise levels and power usage? The pricing and looks of these is quite attractive.
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    Supermicro BPN-SAS2-836EL1 backplane

    Kind of cheeky ending with "the STH community that is always looking out for each other" as you just bought the whole stock of a nice deal someone else found for you. It's supposed to be a two-way street...
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    512GB PCIe flash drive $175

    Yeah, it's funny. Got a buy-back offer on those from the seller. Guess they figured out they were selling them too cheaply.
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    EBay - LSI Logic SAS9200-8E 2 X SFF-8088-Ports - NIB - $40

    I got one BO from him for $30 just recently, seems he raised his base price after that though.
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    Intel SSD DC S3500 Series - 300GB 2.5" 6Gb/s SATA III SSD - SSDSC2BB300G4 $90.00

    Yeah, that's sad. Seems some use this forum as a way of making money, hoarding all deals and reselling.
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    Seagate 4TB Constellation HDD ES.3 7200RPM for $29

    That's why scams like this and nigerian inheritages exist, people letting greed overrule their sensibility.
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    Migration path from LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-16i?

    Well, I guess you could say that about any non-safe configuration really...
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    Lenovo/IBM N2215 12Gb HBA (Cross-Flashable to Avago 9300-8i) - $170-$180

    Seems like a great deal! Thanks!
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    25w Pentium D-1508

    Personally I'm very happy seeing SM offering SFP+ instead of much more expensive copper. There's really NO argument for choosing Base-T instead.
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    Qlogic 2-port 10GbE QLE8152 BO'd 4 @ $20/ea

    Do these support SMB Direct (RDMA)?
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    scammed out of my laptop through ebay

    As a buyer you're completely safe as you have all the rights on your side and can reverse it easily if not as described. All the real caveats are for sellers.
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    Mezzanine to PCI-E adapters?

    Too bad as the cards can be found for peanuts literally and it really only should be a matter of physical routing...
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    Mezzanine to PCI-E adapters?

    Is there anyway of using mezzanine server cards in regular PCI-E slots? From my understanding mezzanine uses pci-e as the communications protocol and it should be a matter of physical conversion so an adapter wouldn't be unthinkable. Anyone seen one or know whether it's possible? A complication...
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    Newbie question: FC transceivers for Infiniband

    I can get some 4x16bit QSFP transceivers for free, however from my understanding these are originally intended for FC. Does the link protocol really matter? Isn't it just a physical conversion layer and as long as the transfer bitrate keeps up I could use these for QDR Infiniband or do I really...