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    AU Big Cisco UCS Sale, Servers, Chassis, Interconnects...etc

    Long story short, I was planning on moving my large home lab to a "private" facility in an effort to reduce electricity costs, but my friend who was able to provide this looks to be leaving their job, so I've detoured to a "UCS mini" solution so I can keep it running at home instead without...
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    Any recommended UCS refurbed parts re-sellers in USA?

    Hi, Just seeing if any one had any recommended re-sellers of used Cisco UCS gear in the USA? I’m trying to track down some parts for my M4 generation servers, and there is literally no market in AUS selling things like this, so I have to source from overseas again! The USA sellers I bought...
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    AU WTB - Cisco 32GB DDR4 RDIMMs (UCS-MR-1X322RV-A)

    Hi, looking for multiple 32GB DDR4 2400 RDIMM for use in Cisco M4 servers. Must be Cisco stickered (with sticks reporting Cisco serial numbers) for service contract reasons. The Cisco part number I need is UCS-MR-1X322RV-A. I’m located in AUS but am happy to pay for shipping! Thanks
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    AU WTB - 3 x Hynix 32GB DDR4 2400 RDIMM (HMA84GR7AFR4N-UH)

    Hi, Just trying to track down 3 more modules at a fair price! I’m looking to use them in a Dell R630 and for warranty reasons I would like Dell stickered or purely Hynix stickered versions (ie, no Cisco, HPE ...etc sticks) so Dell will cover them. I’m located in AUS but am happy to pay...
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    AU Cisco C220 M3 SFF, 2 x E5-2697 V2, 256GB RAM, VIC1225, 9271CV-8i...etc

    Hi, Just seeing if anyone would be interested in my 2 x Cisco C220 M3 SFF Servers. They are both specced the same (I bought low end models and specced them to almost max configs, including sourcing all the impossible to find bits like the TPMs and SAS/RAID modules!). The only upgrades you can...
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    AU HPE DL360P G8 v2 Server (8 x 2.5" drive bays)

    Up for sale is my now spare server, which was used in my home lab up until a few weeks ago. It is in good working order, and needs to find a new home! 1. HPE DL360P G8 Server 8x 2.5" bays (v2 server, has screw down heatsinks) Includes all items below: Rail kit 2 x 460 Watt Platinum Plus PSU...
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    Dell R630 part numbers

    Does anyone have a specs list for a Dell R630 that lists all available options and their respective part numbers? (I’d ideally have posted on Dells forums but for some reason the login button does nothing so I can’t login to post) HP and Cisco both have these for their servers and it makes it...
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    10Gb switch rankings (models and prices)??

    Is anyone aware of any existing thread (or external site) that has a fairly current list of 10Gb switch options for home lab use that lists models and rough prices? Eg: $100-$200 price range is models x, y, z $200-$400 price range is models a, b, c My question stems from the fact that I’ve...
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    AU WTB - Match pair E5-2697 v2 CPUs

    Just seeing if anyone has a matched pair of E5-2697 v2 CPUs they are looking to sell. If so drop me a line. Cheers
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    AU WTB - 800GB or larger SAS SSDs (ideally HP or Cisco)

    Hi, I’m trying to track down some 800GB (or larger) SAS SSDs, ideally Cisco or HP. I will be using them in my lab servers so am ideally after mixed workload ones. (I’ve got 1 x Cisco C220 m3 with 2.5” bays, and a HPE DL360P G8 with 2.5” bays... so if the drives come with caddies supporting...
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    AU FS: Dell 8024F, HP DL20 Gen9s, 16GB DDR4 2400 UDIMMS

    Up for sale are the last few bits of my 4 node vSAN home lab I had. (The SSDs, 10Gb NICs, DACs and 1 x Dell 8024F have already been sold on OCAU/eBay) Reason for sale is I've had to temporarily scale down the RUs I had and have moved to a single Cisco C220M3. (I'll be back with a big setup...
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    Password reset not working?

    Hi Guys, I’m trying to use the password reset system but don’t seem to be getting any email? My issue is that I forget my password but am still signed in on my phone... I don’t appear to be able to change the password from here as I need to provide my current password. Assuming the emailing...
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    Homelab downgrade, sanity check needed!

    Hi Guys, I’m weighing up the idea of downgrading my homelab and wanted to get some opinions before doing so. I’ve currently got a 42RU Dell rack, 17FP Dell kmm, 2 x Dell 8024F switches in a stack, 2 x Liebert 1kva gxt4 UPS, Synology RS815+ with 4 x 3TB WD Red drives and a 4 x HP DL20 Gen 9...
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    AU 25 x Liebert GXT4-1000RT230 1KVA UPS with Webcards

    Apologies if we can't list our own things in the great deals thread, if it's against the forum rules please delete this thread. Up for sale are 25 x Liebert GXT4-1000RT230 UPS, both of which have the optional "IS-Webcards" in them. These are 2RU devices, and can also be used as a tower format...
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    AU Synology RS815+ Rackstation NAS + Rails

    Up for sale is my Synology 4 bay RS815+ rackmount NAS + Synology fixed rail kit. I picked this up late last year second hand, and it's in very good condition, with just some light scratches on the top cover. Included in the sale is the following: 1 x Original Box 1 x Original Foam packaging 1...