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    Epyc NVME 7443P

    My inner critic just refuses to believe in lack of debug port/options in tpm. as well as just about anything hardware. Now go ahead and try proving it's 100% trustworthy to yourself :) The more something mentions "security" the more obvious it is something is very wrong here.
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    Epyc NVME 7443P

    Another person trusting "hardware encryption" in storage devices? is only a tip of an iceberg.
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    Updated: 5-14-21, EPYCS, DDR3/4, SAS3/NVME's SSDs

    Yeah im still interested in PC3L-12800R you didn't answer my pm last time...
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    Project TinyMiniMicro: Reviving Small Corporate Desktops

    Guys, I just got email from lenovo japan that my order is shipped. I've ordered P340 mini back in April. Do you think I'm lucky now? It's only one month and ten days after all. Could have been three months or more...
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    EU [EU-GER] WTB 5-8x Samsung M386B4G70DM0-CMA4(Q)(M) 32GB DDR3-1866 LRDIMM

    Thank you, learned something new. BTW what exactly were the issues, so that other people would know?
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    EU [EU-GER] WTB 5-8x Samsung M386B4G70DM0-CMA4(Q)(M) 32GB DDR3-1866 LRDIMM

    Arent they the same thing? For DDR4 AFAIK last two letters after hyphen are not model but batch numbers. Otherwise it would make sense to specifically have a separate page for those on samsung website but it only lists this one up to A in -CMA only.
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    Supermicro BIOS & IPMI Listing (including older versions)

    Please keep it up sir
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    Oracle Cloud Giving Away Ampere Arm A1 Instances Always Free

    I already have one 24gb vm so IDK, maybe no more space for everyone.
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    New to AMD processors - how to buy EPYC Rome?

    Is it really a rocket science? Sounds like a bad design that there's no clean and obvious stop to the screwdriver... I tend to never overtighten things in electric appliances.
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    storage gold rush?

    Well those people don't create a shortage of paper do they.
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    New to AMD processors - how to buy EPYC Rome?

    I don't. Do I have to? I just gently tighten the thing until I feel it's enough lol So far I've swapped EPYCs for a few times and never had any troubles with that. :rolleyes:
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    New to AMD processors - how to buy EPYC Rome?

    The thing i can tell you for sure is that they cost at least double they did back in november last year. You'll be lucky to find one available at lower prices. HPE are not vendor locked adn you should be fine. Dell EMC are. T20 tip, I always just used a bit and a screwdriver from my ifixit kit.
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    Post your mining rigs

    How much does that give?
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    Biggest personal file management pain points?

    130 TB and 1.5 m files looks like a lot of movies and music there. Sort that out first, continue with photos and then the rest is just a couple of documents, which you probably don't even need anymore? :) That's how it usually goes. In general you'd get into a time machine and just go back and...
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    Oracle Cloud Giving Away Ampere Arm A1 Instances Always Free

    Literally took like 40 minutes before I was able to start setting up a virtual machine. It does work. Although in my region only oracle 7.9 is available with ampere... You can use chroot of course but... Theres also no debian offering. At all. Ubuntu only.
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    Oracle Cloud Giving Away Ampere Arm A1 Instances Always Free

    It's taking like half an hour to "set up" already. Never used oracle before, only using g cloud.
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    HP 2530 LLC broadcast every 60 seconds

    One would usually expect managed switch to be as quiet as if it wasn't there, right? By default however many switches are spamming network with loads of unnecessary and dangerous data disclosing versions and features of the device. So my HPE(Aruba) 2530 switch is broadcasting this nasty packet...
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    Online (double conversion) UPS noise: Cyberpower OL1500 or APC 1500 RM?

    Will do soon, yeah. I insisted to have a second grounding rod installed but I don't remember if that happened before or after the installation. Other electronics no but computers, even those connected through UPS(and there's also some sort of surge protector on the breaker panel too!) either...
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    The second socket of the dual C621/3647 AWS motherboard failed to boot. It has no documentation, what to do?

    Out of pure curiosity where did you find it and how was this thing labelled? Whos the manufacturer of the board?
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    CSE847 Won't Post

    try tcpdump on that DHCP server machine and see if you get anything after powering the motherboard. it should show at least something as almost all network devices make some noise when they boot.