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    Supermico X9SRL-F Fan help

    Good afternoon, I recently built a server using a supermicro X9-SRL-F and E5-2665 processor and have a Noctua HSF and Noctua case fans to keep things cool. I've already encountered the fan speed threshold issue and have adjusted speeds accordingly so fans don't keep ramping up and down, but now...
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    X9 IPMI Temperature Control

    I am in process of wrapping up a new build using a X9-SRLF motherboard and E5-2655 processor. I am using a Noctua heatsink which has low speed fans. I've successfully used the thread on Freenas forums to adjust the upper and lower fan speed limits so that the fans don't go to 100% when the...
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    WTB: 16 GB Sticks of DDR3 ECC

    Hello, I'm looking for qty. 2 -4 (4 preferred) 16GB DDR3 ECC RDIMMs for a Supermicro X9SRL-F. Please PM if you have any you'd like to sell.
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    Low Power Home Server Build

    Build’s Name: Home Server Build Operating System/ Storage Platform: ESXi with FreeNAS, pfsense potentially with web cache, Windows 7, and Windows 10 Hosts. CPU: Need Input, Motherboard: Need Input Chassis: Fractal Design Define R4 (Max ATX sized motherboard) Drives: USB Boot for ESXi...