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    HP 2530 LLC broadcast every 60 seconds

    One would usually expect managed switch to be as quiet as if it wasn't there, right? By default however many switches are spamming network with loads of unnecessary and dangerous data disclosing versions and features of the device. So my HPE(Aruba) 2530 switch is broadcasting this nasty packet...
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    RJ45 and fiber gore stories

    Yesterday I was switching over to fiber networking and CRS305-4S at home and tried 10g between two hosts on the ports. I was getting very inconsistent speeds and moreover, a lot of rx errors. At first I thought maybe the bend is too tight on this short fiber (and indeed, had direct connection...
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    EPYCD8-2T smooth upgrade from gen1(naples) to gen2(rome)

    Bought my Asrock Rack EPYCD8-2T two years ago, and initially used it with 7351, last year I've bought 7302 and it's been sitting there for half a year, unopened and untested lol. Meanwhile I've upgraded to 3200 lrdimm and it was running fine for half a year on naples, at 2666 of course. The big...
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    mikrotik CRS309-1G-8S+IN for basic vlanning and switching - good idea?

    Hi. I've been looking around for some cheap SFP+ solution with more than 4 ports in a single switch, but mt seems to be unbeatable in this price range of <1000 USD, it's actually like us $240 on amazon. Anyone has some issues with these? Do they need additional cooling if used at home with avg...
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    Online (double conversion) UPS noise: Cyberpower OL1500 or APC 1500 RM?

    Anyone has experience with these, how loud are the fans in these? Do batteries in these need to be replaced more often than cheaper non-online models? How often do you replace? Besides recently moving most of my networking off copper to fiber to protect systems from lightning surges I thought I...
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    SAN target on linux

    Hi. Anyone can get me oriented in iscsi a little bit. I've read there are two common ways to deploy a target on linux: scst and kernel-builtin lio with targetcli. Aside from that there isn't really much info to judge which is better or faster. And I'm totally new to the topic. I have this dell...
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    Not needed anymore, delete
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    storage gold rush?

    Someone bought my slightly used 2TB DC P4510 drives for 450 USD recently. This was above average price for NEW drives a few months ago. I didn't care, they're just lying around unused because I thought, well, 2TB doesn't cut it anymore but these things get darn hot. Why run them? I'd rather use...
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    [SOLVED] HDMI-over-IP/HDBaseT-over-IP? Anyone can share experience?

    Hello I've never personally built an advanced network, but recently my homelab has grown significantly and I'd like to move those noisy racks to the nearby house. I would need networking which is easy, but I would also move my two desktops which both require AT LEAST 3 displays, usb2 switch for...
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    SFP compatibility, LX ethernet and FC SFPs, and other noob questions

    Hello. I'm looking to try out the optical networking(I foresee a need to connect two buildings several hundred meters apart with fiber). I've never touched SFPs at all. Some questions before I spend my dogecoins on network gear. 1. Do I get this right that FC SFPs (2,4,8,16 etc) are...