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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3975WX 32-Core Review

    sorry, English is not my native - i wrote 7fx2 is more expensive, and i wonder why so much :)
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 3975WX 32-Core Review

    while i agree that TR Pro and Epyc should be merged, why price difference is so high? for example 3955WX list price is $1,149. if we compare it with Epyc 7Fx2 series because of similar CPU Clock, Epyc 7Fx2 is more more expensive.. and could we get also single thread performance comparison too?
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    What Epyc hardware equals Threadripper 2 Generation?

    it depends on how much Cores do you want and for what purpose - less cores but higher single core performance or much more cores but no that fast each one.. so, what will be your use-case for a planned server?
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    Thoughts on building a silent home storage and virtualization hot swap tower server

    i think you should stay on Supermicro to avoid compatibility problems.. if you wanna bigger fans, then look at 747 series too. i have one CSE-743TQ-865B-SQ, but modded middle fan wall a bit and placed 3 120mm Noctua industrial fans. since i have not a very big load all the time, i removed rear...
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    EU FS: (1.5.2021 NEW STUFF ADDED) 16GB & 32GB 2666 & 3200MHz DDR4 RDIMMs & DCPMMs, Intel Xeon LGA2011-3 & LGA3647 CPUs, Supermicro motherboards

    I would like to thank @tesla100 for well packaged RAM, finally deployed it and works as expected. Free bump :)
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    SuperMicro fans won't stop revving

    this computer is not with me now, but i think it's a NF-F12 PMW.
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    SuperMicro fans won't stop revving

    it depends on SM motherboard used. newer generations have a special feature for that: Low-noise fan speed control Last time i see something similar on my old X9SCM-iiF with Noctua Fans - you can set lower thres for zero, but this don't help at all - board thinks that fan is dead, and ramp up all...
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    EU [WTB] 2 port Mellanox Connectx-3 for 10GbE

    Ok, just ordered one from Thanks
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    EU [WTB] 2 port Mellanox Connectx-3 for 10GbE

    I'm currently running 2 port Mellanox Connectx-2 for 10Gb Ethernet with active DACs and it works just fine. My plans is upgrade to 2 port Connectx-3 10GbE card for SR-IOV support, AND i'm planning to use the same DACs. would it be possible? I'm located in EU, Latvia, prefer Paypal for...
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    Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F RAM speed - help

    so, use E5-2650 and up to unlock 1866Mhz :)
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    Supermicro X9DRD-7LN4F RAM speed - help

    your cpu is only capable max @1600Mhz
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    Supermicro have it in their arsenal now - AOC-SLG4-4E4T

    looks like that. and you need some brake-out cable to connect 4 nvme.. but which ones?
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    Firewall options for 1 Gbps VPN throughput

    another option from Mikrotik will be MikroTik RB4011iGS+RM it depend of your packet size to achieve 1Gb/s or not trough VPN.. i have this device, but have not tested VPN for that speed. for me it works with Gigabit internet just fine. and don't compare it with Mikrotik Wifi - if you need wifi...
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    High capacity, energy efficient, performant NAS build options?

    Thanks, missed that. but for me it depends. for my use-case i'm not wanting all ports together, but prefer building more but smaller disk arrays with each for it own controller on pass trough on different VMs. with H12SSL-C you should pass even builtin SATA controller(never did that, but will do...
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    Does new processors always have been only accessible for OEM ?

    i think, you just need to wait. OEMs always comes first :)
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    High capacity, energy efficient, performant NAS build options?

    if you need with 10GBe, then choose H12SSL-CT | Motherboards | Super Micro Computer, Inc. it comes with more familiar SAS3 connectors.
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    High capacity, energy efficient, performant NAS build options?

    Or would you mind AMD route? if you need additional PCIe lanes/slots, then i would suggest this route. i built on H12SSL-C with Epyc 7282 recently and it works very well. BUT, no SFP+ built-in, you can add add-in card for it(i'm did that for my system). BUT you get 128 PCIe gen 4 lanes with 7...
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    ASRock Rack ROME8D-2T no post "00" with naples 7551p

    hmm, specs says clearly: Single Socket SP3 supports AMD EPYC™ 7003 and 7002 series Processors You have 7001 series..
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    Quick question about LSI 9206-16e

    What a motherboard do you have? i never seen one with 2 controllers. don't mismatch with two ports..