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  1. F1ydave

    Napp-it Virtual Machine Memory Usage Critical

    Successfully installed OVA on ESXI 6.7u3, added pci card LSI 2008 and got this memory warning after boot. The only thing I've done other than the PCI card was to make a password. Napp-it Virtual Machine Memory Usage Critical
  2. F1ydave

    New to Napp-it

    I have no experience with zfs. I read through all the Napp-it website and the new onepager. I am still unsure of the best way to go about this. The pool/vdev is confusing to me. I have been using ESXi since 5.0 with just each drive a vmfs datastore. At one point I did have Veem or another...
  3. F1ydave

    Any plan on finishing the buyers guide on the main page?

    I was looking for some light reading today...the whole page is still unlinked. Did the plan get scrapped?
  4. F1ydave

    Plugging in a P4 breakout cable?

    Assembling my new octocore dual cpu home lab... I have this breakout cable (Supermicro CBL 0097L-03). Where do I plug in the P4 and what is its purpose? It looks like it could plug into the pins next to the white SAS/SATA on the motherboard (pic attached/linked), but its wired next to the...
  5. F1ydave

    ISO Dual CPU/Mobo that wont break the bank

    My first home lab server was a supermicro x10slh-f-0, xeon e3-1245 v3 with 16 gbs of ddr3 1600m pc3-12800 ecc. I tried on two separate occasions to buy approved 32gb ram kits published by supermicro for the mobo and both times the ram did not allow more than 16gb. I have had 48 gb pc3-12800 ecc...
  6. F1ydave

    KVM Switch

    I am in the market for a KVM switch for 2 pc's at my desk. I bought something off Amazon and it came with display ports instead of HDMI. I can't use it on the older pc. Needs to be HDMI or VGA. I found only one $46 display port female adapter, which is absurd. It seems that 90% of kvm's being...
  7. F1ydave

    vsphere client stopped connect to esxi

    Anyone been able to resolved the connection issues? 5.5, once every couple months vsphere client wouldnt connect. I usually would connect using the web client and then vpshere would connect immediately. Since upgrading to 6.0u2, vsphere worked for the first month and then it started working 50%...
  8. F1ydave

    gea any ideas? vmware

    I am on Esxi 6.0 u2. Using web client for your OVA of napp-it_2016.4. I am using web client because vsphere client doesnt work with 6.0 for some reason. When I try to edit settings I get this: "Unhandled Exeption (1) Unfortunately, we hit an error that we weren't expecting. The client may...
  9. F1ydave

    Trying to learn about iSCSI

    I am trying to learn about iSCSI and using it with my NAS. I made a post in the VMware forum here iSCSI Lun I would appreciate anyone who has experience with iSCSI. Thanks
  10. F1ydave

    iSCSI Lun

    iSCSI LUN first timer here! I am running EXSi 6.0 u2, mainly hosts a Windows Server. I have an Asustor NAS running a plex and backups for my server. The NAS is setup as two raid 5's at 7tb each (6 drives). It can't handle the transcoding of larger 1080p videos with AAC audio. I was thinking...
  11. F1ydave

    Not sure if this is a networking or VMware but...

    On ESXI 6.0 u2, running Windows Server 2003 (virtual conversion) and when I backup to my Asustor NAS, I am only getting 10 mb/s instead of 100 mb/s. Both server and nas are gigabit, in fact NAS is dual gigabit with load balancing and assigned though switch. I haven't assigned the server to dual...
  12. F1ydave

    Debating between HGST and WD RE4 for NAS, looking for opinions

    I was going to build a NAS, but then I saw this for sale the other day for about 10% off Amazon pricing, the other day. Reviews were good, basically its a Synology with a cheaper web UI, built by Asus. The things I liked were the dual gigabit, usb 3.0, eSata, HDMI (not that I would every need...
  13. F1ydave

    18 Core Xeon E5-2600 V4 Broadwell - $999

    Did anyone catch this article before it went viral on these processors? They sold for $999. 1 left from what I can see. Retail version is set for $4000 each in April release date. eBay Listing of 18 Core Xeon E5-2600 V4 Broadwell-EP ES Processor Spotted - Selling For $999 US, Compatible With...
  14. F1ydave

    121.59 Crucial 16GB Kit - DDR3 ECC UDIMM PC3-12800

    Crucial 16GB Kit (8GBx2) DDR3/DDR3L-1600MT/s (PC3-12800) DR x8 ECC UDIMM Server Memory CT2KIT102472BD160B/CT2CP102472BD160B Was $115.19 15 minutes ago, now its at 121.59...Get it while its hot! This is Supermicro board approved from what I recall. Do your own due diligence on product and price...
  15. F1ydave

    Updating from Windows Server 2003 to 2012

    A little background: I am an accountant who bought out a firm a couple years ago. They had an old file server (RAID 5), which ran fine. It was getting low on space (we all know how well windows does when it gets low). I bought replacement drives that were 2X larger...but couldn't get the server...
  16. F1ydave

    $155.99 Crucial 16GB Kit (PC3-12800) ECC Server Memory CT2KIT102472BD160B/CT2CP102472BD1

    Server Memory that works on Supermicro boards! I've had this on my watchlist for over 1 year. It finally dropped. My last 32gb Ram didn't work (over 16gb) on my Supermicro Board/Esxi Server (It changed suppliers mid-year and screwed a lot of us, luckily for me my Lenovo ThinkServer likes it). I...
  17. F1ydave

    GIGABYTE GB-BXPi3-4010

    GIGABYTE GB-BXPi3-4010 2 x 204Pin SO-DIMM Intel HD Graphics 4400 Integrated by CPU Mini-PC Barebone - I have been watching for sometime to find a small platform i3, 5, 7 series for a new HTPC. I think I may try this. Aside from the built in projector (Seems useless), this thing is...
  18. F1ydave

    $50 gift card to ebay for $45

    Not your typical posting...but I know most of you buy on ebay. I bought a $100 during black friday that I keep forgetting about. I picked up of these up anyway. LOL. $50 eBay Gift Card for $45 Mail Delivery | eBay
  19. F1ydave

    Windows Domain Server, etc

    Ok, I have read many times that it is recommended to separate the domain controller services from the main server...can anyone tell me why? What are the pro's and con's? On Esxi, running VM of server 2003, currently 1 server for everything (domain, file).
  20. F1ydave

    These 2 SSD Enterprise Boot Drives?

    I was searching for a host drive for a new esxi server and came across this SSD...this will only host napp-it or unraid. 1 8" Micro SATA 64G SSD Micron Realssd P400E Enterprise Solid State Drives | eBay Anyone have any experience with these? Otherwise I may just go with Samsung 843T 120GB 2...