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    Rack screws and matching screwdrivers

    12/24 and M6 refer to the thread, it has nothing to do with the screwdriver used. The most common in the US is #2 phillips. It isn't hard to find torx head screws outside of computer shops, just search for the thread, length and drive head. A button head or truss head style would be similar to...
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    1u 115x water cooling guide

    It should cool the CPU better than a 1u passive or active heatsink but its no where as large as a desktop sized radiator. You may be able to do some light overclocking depending on how hard you push stuff and how good your CPU is.
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    1u 115x water cooling guide

    Hopefully this helps someone, there was vary little information I could find when I started this build. Background: I am using this as a Blue Iris server and upgraded to an i9-9900k so I can play around with AI a bit more. I was running with a 1u active heatsink rated for 73w which inspired...
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    [FS, US AZ] Supermicro E5 2697 v2 256GB; 1u 2x E5 2430 v2 96GB, i7 8700k

    Located in Pinal County Arizona Paypal/BTC/XMR accepted Selling off some of my home equipment 1u X9DBL-3F system $400 shipped to the lower 48 with Fedex ground Subtract $50 if you want just the MB/CPU's and RAM (no case) i7 8700k CPU SOLD $200 shipped to the lower 48 with Fedex ground...
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    Good enterprise surveillance software

    Depends on how far you are scaling out. Past 64 cams and you would end up with multiple servers. The spec guide is useless. I have about 2/3 of the camera MP you list at 10 fps on a 8700k recording 24/7 and am around 8% on the CPU. I was virtualized on a 2697 V2 before substreams came out and...
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    Good enterprise surveillance software

    Have you tried BI 5. There is support for sub streams now which significantly reduces CPU usage and eliminates the need for HW decode. There was also a webinar recently with one guy running 64 cam BI VM's.
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    Supermicro X10QBi NVMe speeds (Solved)

    I haven't tried any 970's in a server yet but the older drives were slow under windows server unless the Samsung drivers were installed.
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    A venting question... want to put rack in utility closet

    I would be worried about electronics next to things that create heat and hold water. That being said, I am building a dedicated closet for some of my equipment that doesn't have an exterior wall. For venting I am going with a mini split AC unit.
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    shipping servers cheaply and reliably in USA?

    It might not be worth it for one server but the 4x8 sheets of foam insulation from the hardware store work well for shipping.
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    Supermicro X9SCL and old BIOS or IPMI

    The X9SCL does not have IPMI, you need the X9SCL-F to get IPMI.
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    Windows Server 2019/Hyper-V licensing?

    Thats exactly how it worked last time I tried it. Single standard host with GUI activated then two standard guests activated without issue using the same issue. I did have to do it by phone due to lack of internet access so I can't confirm online activation works the same.
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    Home Server hardware update advice

    I built a server for my father using a X11SCA-F and a i9 9900 a while back. The big thing that got me by surprise is the NVME does not support RAID through RST. Use case is similar with drivepool and MediaPortal 2 but I put 2019 server on the host and virtualized MP2, PFsense, DC and Blue Iris...
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    EXPIRED WD EasyShuck 18TB 279.99

    My wallet hates you. ;)
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    Samsung PM981 not showing up with full capacity in Windows

    Too late now but i386 has you on the right track for the future. Diskpart, list disk, select disk, then clean. I usually see the small partition issue on USB drives after they had a linux partition them but I have also seen the weird oversize partition after a drive was part of a RAID array.
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    Long distance USB?

    I haven't had to extend a USB 3 cable yet but in the past I have used several 16' active USB cables strung together then a powered USB hub at the point of use.
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    Moving a rack?

    When I move mine long distance, I take everything out, put the rack in a trailer then reinstall all the servers and strap it down. Same concept as the Uhaul truck but empty when loading to make life easier. Just be sure it is strapped down really good and don't put all the heavy loads on the...
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    Supermicro Rack Rails - Threaded Rack

    You should be able to use the supermicro rails with a bit of work. I have a round hole rack with cage nuts. For the SC846 chassis which should be a similar rail, on one side I was able to unscrew the square pegs. The other side of the rail also unscrews but required drilling a small hole to get...
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    Server 2016 essentials connector

    It has been that way for several builds now. Also affects stuff like SNMP informant.