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  1. X 4TB 3.5" external for $80

    Seagate - Backup Plus Hub 4TB External USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive - Black Reddit thread confirms that you can shuck it for a ST4000DM000.
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    PyCharm, 30% off (Python IDE)

    Not your usual hardware deal.. From 6/30 to 7/14, get PyCharm at 30% OFF. JetBrains PyCharm and Django Announce 30% Discount With All Proceeds Going to DSF Normally 89$ for a 1 year personal license.. 62.30$ after coupon code. I've used IntelliJ in the past and some of their .Net tools, and...
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    eBay - Intel S3500 800GB $240 BO

    Here Intel SSD DC S3500 800GB,6Gb/s, Internal,2.5" SSDSC2BB800G4 MLC
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    Intel 535 240 GB for $59.99 @ Microcenter

    Micro Center - Computers and Electronics Tax / shipping where applicable.
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    Cashback on eBay purchases (besides eBay bucks)

    Just figured I'd throw some of my methods out there. Feedback and other tips/tricks are always welcome. 1) Cashback affliates. Click through to get to eBay through a cashback site. 1-1.1% back. Note that using eBay coupon codes seems to invalidate the cashback. 2) Paypal gift cards. Some...
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    Anyone use a P4000 series Intel chassis?

    Anyone have any experience with a P4XXX series Intel chassis here? Wondering how loud the fans are (aka, workspace-able or relegated to the server room).
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    $100 eBay Gift Card for $95

    $100 eBay Gift Card for $95 US Mail Delivery | eBay Limit 1.
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    WTS: Server components

    Starting to clear out my inventory. Working pulls, guaranteed non-DOA. Free shipping to the US. Accept Paypal, Popmoney or Chase QuickPay. Heat here Motherboard: Supermicro X9DRL-iF, 220$- Working pull, no i/o shield Storage: Supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8i - $75, no bracket Ram: 2GB DDR3 REG ECC...
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    are you supposed to turn off servers before moving them on their rails?

    Was racking my SC846, which was separate from my Norco and C6100 chassis. I had my norco and c6100 slightly slid outwards previously, and have been using them for very light duty (holding a empty patch panel, or installing 3.5" drives into sleds). Slid the Norco back in on its rails, caused...
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    Power issues

    So, I have the problem of electronics getting fried during thunderstorms. Latest thunderstorm killed the Ethernet port on my cable modem, a Ethernet port on one of my C6100 nodes, bricked my wireless router, and caused my Dell 2724 switch to hang. All 4 devices are on different APC surge...
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    SAS2208 Initiator Target firmware?

    IBM M5120 (aka LSI 9285CV-8e) Bought a M5120 to play with. Does SAS2208 IT firmware exist for this, or is IR the only flavor floating around? Have it working on one of my C6100 nodes running FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p5 (aka FreeNAS). Notes so far: Cache addon requirement is not optional...
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    Memory: Samsung 8gb 1.35v ECC REG DDR M393B1K70CH0-YH9 - 40$ a stick (have quite few. Works great in the C6100!). HBA's: Areca ARC-1680LP- 200$ (comes with both LP and regular bracket) IBM BR10i (SAS 1068E based) - 20$ (no bracket) Prices are in USD, shipped via USPS.
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    My rack!

    This is in a bomb shelter connected to my basement, has a kitchen, bathroom, generator, pump and blower fan. Noise isn't a problem! Neither is space in the rack, not even using half of the 42U, so I'm using the shelves as working surfaces, as the switches aren't full depth. Have 100TB+ of raw...
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    Need some help with 10gbE

    Connected two machines directly to each other, I can't get traffic from one machine to the other. Can't ping the other from either end. Oddly enough, I can see ARP requests on one end, but not the other. One is a Linux VM on chassis 1 in my signature with a MNPH29B-XTC passed through running...
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    ZFS woes

    What's the best way of determining the source of errors that ZFS uncovers? I'm running FreeNAS 8.3-RELEASE-p5 baremetal on one of the nodes in my C6100. There's a M1015 connected via a SFF8087<->SFF8087 cable to a DAS (Norco with a HP SAS expander in it, chassis 2 in my sig). Is it because...
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    Toshiba 3TB 7200RPM SATA DT01ACA300 $115/ea limit 5 Newegg

    TOSHIBA DT01ACA300 Internal Hard Drive - 149.99$ - 35$ code EMCYTZT3084 = $114.99 each. free shipping. limit 5. remember to use fatcash or whatnot.
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    xnoodle's FS Trade

    Memory: Samsung 8gb 1.35v ECC REG DDR M393B1K70CH0-YH9 - 40$ a stick. Bought another lot. 18 more available Hard drives: 4 0F10311 HDS722020ALA330 Hitachi 7K2000 2TB drives.55$ each Upgraded to 4TB drives. Drives have been zeroed out and passed three passes of badblocks 6 sold, 4 available...
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    HGST 4TB Touro Desktop External Drive $169.99 (limit 5)

    $169.99 ea after a $30 off via code EMCXVXR99 expires 2/11
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    X9SCM-F $149.99 (after $30 mail in rebate) @ Newegg

    $20 off w/ promo code EMCJHHJ88, ends 12/22 $30 rebate: Free shipping, tax where applicable
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    HGST 4TB Touro Desktop External Drive $169.99 (limit 2)

    HGST 4TB Touro Desktop External Drive $169.99 (limit 2)