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    omnios+nappit 10gb performance: iperf fast, zfs-send slow

    I finally made the jump to 10GB on my nappit AIO boxes and thought I had followed all of the recommendations, but I am still getting gigabit speed ZFS sends using NC. The weird thing is iperf gives me 8.9 Gbits/sec throughput so I'm not sure if any of the tuneables will help me here. The pool...
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    maximum PCI resources supermicro X9DRG-QF

    My X9DRG-QF will boot fine with 4x Radeon Pro Duo (dual GPU card with 16gb PER GPU) but as soon as i add the 5th it wont post. I am not using any hypervisor, just booting straight to lubuntu. Above 4g decoding is enabled and i have tried all of the different MMIO base settings. Is this a...
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    chune's house build

    Here is my build. I am running esxi 5.5 on a ga-7pesh3 with donk's unlocker which allows for mac guests to be run on PC hardware (with GPU passthrough!!). This is all backed by a ZFS-powered NFS datastore (omniOS VM + nappit + onboard SAS2008 IT mode pci-passthrough). This started as just a...
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    vdev layout for all SSD datastores (striped mirrors or RAIDZ2?)

    So i know you always want to use mirrors to get the most IOPS out of a pool, so a pool composed of mutliple mirrored vdevs (RAIDZ10 if you will) has always been the norm for any datastore using spinning drives. However with the advent of affordable 2TB SSDs with TEN YEAR warranties i am...
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    omniOS snmp not reporting 2tb+ pools

    has anybody got snmp working properly with 2tb+ pools on omniOS? Ive went through and built from source but for the life of me i cant get 2tb+ arrays to report anything other than 0 bytes or just completely missing from host-resourcesMIB. I have tried all sorts of different versions and...
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    esxi 6.0 drops support for dell C1100/C2100 NOOOOOOOOOO!!

    looks like the dirt-cheap datacenter days are coming to an end. Tried out the new vsphere 6.0 on a c1100 and was greeted with this nice PSOD: It happens right when it starts to load ACPI. The only workaround is to disable vt-d which is pretty depressing... especially for those of us with AIO...
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    Anybody get down with a c8220 / c8000xd yet??

    Dell C8000XD Node No HDD | eBay Looks pretty cool, first i've heard of it: just waiting for the chassis to hit ebay...
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    swooped up some 9202-16e cards

    SAS 9202 16E Host Bus Adapter | eBay i got two, im guessing another sth member got the other two =) i think these will be going in my 2u lowprofile chassis, however it would be nice to source the full height brackets for these if anyone has any recommendations!