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    Secure Access to Nextcloud

    A VPN solution is the easiest and the fastest way to create a setup like this. Meaning you run for example OpenVPN on your router, and when connected to it, you’ll have access to your NextCloud. You can run a proxy server on a cloud server instance, which then uses VPN to connect to your...
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    NVMe for E3C236D2I

    Perfect, thank you.
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    NVMe for E3C236D2I

    I've been looking but I've not been able to find an M.2 to U2 adapter in 2230, the ones I've been able to find are 2243 or 2280.
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    NVMe for E3C236D2I

    Hi, To save a bit of money (reuse of cpu) I decided to to got for an E3C236D2I for my downscale nas box (fewer bigger drives). And now need to decide about the NVMe - the MB can only take an M.2. 2230 and that limits the selection a "bit". But I've seen that one can get converter...
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    Is anyone familiar with using kerberos tickets from AD for linux clients?

    Sorry, you're right - it is a few years ago when I last looked at these things. kinit -Vkt /etc/krb5.keytab LDAP/ubuntuclient.DOMAIN.COM@DOMAIN.COM You're trying to use the LDAP spn which is what is failing. If you can do a 'kinit <username>' then you should be good to go as that is what is...
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    Is anyone familiar with using kerberos tickets from AD for linux clients?

    Not having looked at anything of this for some years (more than some years), I would start with your ldap.conf and your krb5.conf to see if there are any differences.
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    Docker Networking

    Not sure if I understand you fully, but are you talking about macvlan, which basically allow you to give you containers ”real” addresses directly on the lan. I use it without any issues on my synology box.
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    TIP: Upgrading ASMB8-IKVM on Asus motherboards

    I upgraded to my ASMB8 which is in my P10S-I with the FW for 1.16.1 for Z10PC-D8 using the "Firmware Update" option, which worked. I no longer get certificate errors. But on MacOS I still have to allow the java applet to run as it's unsigned. But it works (ya!).
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    Any other Plex to Emby migrants?

    I also ran into a few quirky bits with Emby, and moved back to Plex. I really would like Emby to be as "good" as Plex, but as you say; maybe in a couple of years.
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    cheap pfsense hardware w/aes-ni?

    How about an pcEngines APU2 board - dead stable - PC Engines apu2 system boards. Fully supporting OpenVPN with AES-NI (CPU Crypto: Yes (active)). More here on the routing speed: APU2C4 max throughput?
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    Issue with E3-1245 v6 iGPU on X11SSM-F

    Interesting, especially because you're missing this: 00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5/E3-1500 v5/6th Gen Core Processor PCIe Controller (x16) (rev 06) 00:01.1 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5/E3-1500 v5/6th Gen Core Processor PCIe Controller (x8) (rev 06) I...
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    chune's house build

    I think Apple enabled OSX on ESXI/WMworkstation back around version 5.0 of ESXI. But only on Apple Hardware, but someone figured out how to disable the check for Apple HW, and made a nice small patch for it. At work we used it to test with OSX (using original Apple DVD's bought on their Website).
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    Looking for a low power server idea

    I have migrated away from Plex, but for years I was using an I3 2100T, which was enough for me ... and that was even streaming BD 1080P. I then moved to Emby which is a bit different, and need more horsepower to deliver, but it support HW decoding, so no I'm using an G4600, which is sufficient...
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    Hackintosh - do I go Supermicro, Tyan, Intel, or ...?

    I switched to Mac because I did't really want to run Windows, and Linux on a notebook was giving me major headaches, and as my job is to solve problems, I felt I had enough problems already. My mac's simply just works. I have an MacBook Air from 2011 and this week was the first time I had to...
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    Hackintosh - do I go Supermicro, Tyan, Intel, or ...?

    In general I'm with Twice_Shy, as a longtime Mac Intel user I've tried to build an hackintosh once, and decided that it wasn't worth the effort. But if you really really want then maybe you should start here: Home | - the buyersguide list what will work, and what not. Also you'll...
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    TIP: Upgrading ASMB8-IKVM on Asus motherboards

    My Supermicro X11SSH-F has an AST2400 and does have have HTML5/iKVM ... there could be more things involved, but it could look like that Asus (and ASRock) just don't fell like doing it. But which FW did you use, there are two different ones, and the one for the P10S-I is larger than the one for...
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    TIP: Upgrading ASMB8-IKVM on Asus motherboards

    Interesting, I downloaded the same version (2.0.4) for my MB, the P10S-I which has an earlier, and where Java8 is failing. It looks like they released different version of the firmware for different MB's ... I have a call open with Asus regarding this, and am waiting, so I'm not really ready to...
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    Alternative to JViewer - iKVM and Java8

    I think there has been enough talk about the Java8 support - or lack of. Supermicro has been nice enough to implement the HTML5/iKVM in their latest firmware, unfortunately it looks like they are the only ones (I don't know about the vendors like HP, and such). But ASRock and ASUS are still...
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    What is the recommended setup for IPMI over Internet?

    1) Make sure than no one can get access to the network with out a VPN client, and that they only can get access to unprivileged information (ie. just access) 2) The only thing they should be able to get to is a terminal server or equivalent, for mail, etc. 3) From the terminal server they can...
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    Suggestions for cheap low power cpu + motherboard combo that supports ECC?

    I think for the MB one of the cheapest is the Asus P10 series which support ECC and 1151. I found my P10S-I for 150€ new. If you want IPMI then you need to add 30-40€ on top for the ASMB8 module.