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    Do things exist to connect 2 SATA cables together?

    Kind of like this, but for SATA: I'm asking, because I have a SM server with backplane connected to the onboard sata ports. I want to connect these to a HP p420 but don't want to buy the expensive SM cable from backplane to mini-sas. If I could connect my current mini-sas/4x sata cable to the...
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    Found an old NIC, wondering what these ports are for

    As title says. I was cleaning out some old boxes and found a NIC I think has been in that box for ages. Specs: The NIC: Can anyone tell what the empty socket is for? Is it for the ? The ports...
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    Need SM mobo for 1220v3

    Hi, I currently have a 2 servers using the SM X11SSH-LN4F motherboard. Really happy with these and are perfect for my need. I also have some leftover parts like a Xeon 1220v3, ram etc. in a Gigabyte consumer motherboard. Because the idle draw of this setup is very high I want to move the CPU to...