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    VPN recommendations

    Jon, I don't think MikroTik supports OpenVPN TCP only not UDP, and there's a bit of config to it.
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    Recent Posts?

    Looks like this is XenForo default almost now?
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    Plextor M6e 521GB - $375

    The great deal is strong with this one. $75-85 less than the XP941. Slower for sure. I think it's 512GB not 521GB
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    Monday 9 March - Keep an eye on STH

    it is monday. I am waiting.
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    Intel S3610 - Anyone have them yet?

    I'm just wondering how they perform. I haven't seen any real reviews.
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    What happend to the OCZ RM1616? 16TB + 13GB/s

    I feel like that was an ultra awkward conversation to listen to. This is just a bunch of SandForce 2000 series drives in RAID. PCIe 2.0 only so limited speed anyway. Since that happened, OCZ went bankrupt and Toshiba bought what was remaining.
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    Intel XL710-QDA2 - $549

    Isn't the 40 just 10 x4 anyway? I'd think it'd just show up as 4x10? To me this is the big winner. Even if it "won't work" for @Chuckleb 's project for latency, you should still be able to get decent throughput right?
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    Intel XL710-QDA2 - $549

    Has anyone gotten one of these yet? Intel XL710QDA2BLK PCIe 3 0 x8 Dual Port Ethernet Converged Network Adapters | eBay 2x QSFP+ 40Gb ethernet ports that can be split using breakout cables to 4x 10GbE. I'd imagine this is best in class network card right now. I'm also thinking that for...
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    How I am playing with enterprise tech and not going broke

    @Jeggs101 Super post man. A few things. enterprise drives typically have power loss protection, slc or mlc nand, higher quality NAND (eMLC for example) and therefore higher write endurance. They're also designed for lower afr and lower uber. You'll see 10^-17 as the uber on most SAS drives...
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    Supermicro 1U Dual LGA2011 Barebone with 10gbps - $299

    I have bought from that seller. They are good.
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    Supermicro CSE-PTJBOD-CB1 question

    From the picture it looks like you do not have the power button hooked up right according to the silk screening.
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    Qnap v Synology

    Not to derail, but what are you using for a guide these days?
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    A1SAi-2750F Crashing with 32GB RAM

    You need SOME airflow on them, just not a lot. You can get a silent 120mm fan atop the ram and CPU and you'd be fine. In the SM 1U's you'll see they have 2 fans over the HSF just to keep airflow up if one fan fails, but they spin really slow.
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    Crucial M4 Recertified SSD Sale! 128 GB $30 and 256 GB $50

    I believe they were. M500's are not the best by any means but I've never seen one fail. Not to mention they were value priced for so long.
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    [Feedback sought] Enthusiastic NAS build [4.5y usage update 2019-12]

    OK I will grab some tea and wait then :p I can't wait to see this one in action.
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    Homebrew 10GbE switch

    Does pfsense do ConnectX-2 EN cards? You'd probably save money on SFP+. Is there a good way to really test switches made like this? Will it matter port to port?
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    When will pfsense 2.2-RELEASE happen?

    Me too. I'm still bare metal. Anyone doing virtualized yet?
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    Using a m.2 pcie ssd for a web server. Terrible idea?

    I saw these Plextor M6e's for $400 for 512GB --- Plextor M6E M 2 2280 512GB M 2 PCI Express X2 Solid State Drive MLC | eBay It's really expensive on a per GB basis, but here's the thing - what if I ran a web server on that kind of drive? There is a mysql db but it's like under 20% writes...
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    Multipurpose Hyper-V Server

    I'm a geek that likes looking at builds.